The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

We are the most reliable source of the latest cricket tips and match predictions. In 2024 we have paired with, the best online bookmaker on the market. So you can be even more sure that we offer the best cricket betting tips around!

Check out our IPL Betting tips! Check out our IPL Betting tips!

Cricket Betting Predictions


Jun 29 20:00
South Africa
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
South Africa
Odds updated Jun 29 23:27
Odds updated Jun 29 23:27

Schedule & odds

  • Mon 22/07

  • time00:30 IST

    🏆Major League Cricket

    Los Angeles Knight Riders

    Los Angeles Knight Riders

    MI New York

    MI New York

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  • Tue 23/07

  • time00:30 IST

    🏆Major League Cricket

    San Francisco Unicorns

    San Francisco Unicorns

    Washington Freedom

    Washington Freedom

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  • Tue 23/07

  • time00:30 IST

    🏆Major League Cricket

    Texas Super Kings

    Texas Super Kings

    Seattle Orcas

    Seattle Orcas

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    • 200% Deposit Bonus: "IPL200"

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Welcome to Crictips! We are the most reliable source of online cricket betting tips created to help Indian punters get the most out of their cricket wagers. Our experts and analysts get into the nitty-gritty of every major cricket event and can show you where to take value bets.

Never again should you get frustrated with over analysing cricket games only to get the bet wrong. Instead, just put your trust in our team of experts that will show you how to turn your wagers into pure profit.

Apart from featuring online cricket betting tips, our site is also full of the latest cricket news, betting guides, live odds, and so much more. Feel free to browse through our detailed pages and increase your chances of making a knowledgeable cricket bet.





✅ Betting on Cricket with Stake is Fully Legal

You may wonder if cricket betting sites like are legal in India. The simple answer is yes, placing a wager on a cricket match through Stake’s platform is absolutely legal.

A cricket betting site must meet the following two requirements in order to be legal:

  1. The cricket site must be based outside of India.
  2. The cricket site must accept Indian rupee deposits. answers both of these requirements 100%.

  1. Stake is owned by Medium Rare N.V, who have their headquarters in Willemstad, Curaçao.
  2. The world-famous betting platform is fully set-up to accept deposits in INR via bank transfer.

Cricket is a sport that’s played all over the world, from India to Australia, all the way to the United Kingdom, where it originated. Millions of people from all around the globe tune in to watch cricket games and a good chunk of them like betting on it as well.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

That said, there’s no shortage of online sportsbooks that offer cricket betting. However, you shouldn’t trust just every betting site that you come across. Before you take any of our online betting tips into consideration, you should know where to utilise them. That’s why we chose to partner with We have tested it rigorously and found it to be regulated, safe, and offer some of the best odds and markets for cricket betting.

  • Live cricket betting options from hundreds of different leagues
  • Vast range of markets to bet on throughout the IPL
  • ✅ Indian friendly payment methods
  • Full live support for Indian players
  • ✅ The fairest odds on the market

Cricket Betting Tips

We offer the best online cricket betting tips in India. If there’s a cricket match available to bet on at, it’s almost guaranteed that we will give you a tip on it. Our team of analysts is constantly on the lookout for the opportunistic odds that may give you great payout potential.

By factoring in everything that may affect the outcome of a cricket game and presenting live odds direct from Stake’s renowned sportsbook, we’ll be able to give you a knowledgeable prediction that you can place on your betting slip and feel good about your chances to win.

We do our work non-stop, so no matter when you visit our website, you’ll be able to find some fresh cricket betting tips.

What Kind of Cricket Betting Tips Do We Provide?

We provide betting tips on all the most popular cricket events. Our website contains everything from IPL betting tips to tips on international T20 and ODI events.

For every big game, we will present you with a complete overview, pitch report, probable playing XIs for each team, key players to look out for, possible winners, and best bets.


We make sure to release our online cricket betting tips reports at least a couple of days before the game, giving you time to think about our suggestions and find the best available site for placing your bets.

To make a knowledgeable bet on cricket, you need to be up to date with everything that’s going on in the sport. That’s why we also provide news articles and reports, making sure you never skip any important happening from the cricket world.

As for the accuracy of our tips, you’ll just have to trust our word. Here’s a tip for you: if you’re a bit sceptical and don’t think our predictions will be accurate, follow up on our tips without betting to see how things turn out, and you’ll find that they do work most of the time.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

That said, we don’t guarantee that you’ll win off of our online cricket betting tips every single time, but if you’re patient and follow our tips over a longer period, you will be sure to turn a profit.

Cricket Match Predictions

We make match predictions for all major cricket events. As soon as the match is announced, our team of experts starts getting busy with detailed analysis of the two teams, their rosters, matchup history, injury report, and everything else that might come into play and decide the final outcome.

We invest as much time as needed to come up with an accurate prediction, after which we scan top cricket betting sites to find the best possible odds. Here are more details on how we construct our online betting tips.

Pre-Game Research

Failure to plan is a plan to fail, and this expression can’t be more true when betting on cricket or any other sport for that matter. Our pre-match research is the foundation of making a tip. We investigate everything there is to know about the two sides before they face each other on the pitch.

Pre-game research is done days or even weeks before the game is scheduled to take place. Of course, many things can happen in the meantime, which is why we don’t release our cricket betting tips until just a couple of days before the game.

Our experts dig everything there is to know about the game through multiple reliable sources. They check cricket stats pages, official social media pages of involved teams, announcements and reports from other analysts, and more.

Team Rankings and Trends

Numbers (usually) don’t lie. If a team is better ranked than their opponent, they will likely be favourites to win the match. The position of a team on the standings table doesn’t matter as much as their overall record. A top team in the league could be hanging on to that top spot by a thread, or they could be dominating the league without any losses, so the more important thing to look at would be their win-loss ratio and the number of points they collected.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Also, how a team played in the last few games is a much better indication than looking at their full-season record. A team might hold a high spot in the rankings due to their strong start of the year, but they lost their last couple of matches by a large margin. Alternatively, a team in the middle of the rankings might have played poorly at first, but they pulled back with a few recent wins.

Team Rosters & Injuries

One of the most important things we concern ourselves with when making online cricket betting tips are the rosters and probable XIs for each team.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

It can happen that one team is better when playing with all of their players, but what if, for example, their top batsman is injured or the team decides to rest some of their bowlers? However, the injury report is only one part of the research. Certain players might look good overall, but it’s also important to check their form coming into the match. They could have had a great season, although they didn’t perform well in the last few games.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Matchups are also an important thing to look at. One team might have performed better during the season than their next opponent, but that opponent and their style of play might not suit them. So, even if team A looks better on paper, team B might still have an advantage.

Weather Conditions

Just like all other sports played in the open, cricket matches can be affected by weather conditions. While this is something many punters ignore when making their bets, our analysts always check the weather forecast before releasing their final cricket betting tips.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

But how do weather conditions actually play a role in cricket? In general, if the skies are clear and there’s no wind, the batsmen usually end up scoring more runs. On the other hand, humid weather with heavy overcast tends to help out the bowlers.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Warm weather results in the grass being dry, which affects the bounce of the ball and assists the batsmen. In overcast conditions, the ball tends to swing a lot more, which goes to the advantage of the bowlers.

As far as rain goes, it doesn’t really benefit any side. The pitch takes longer to dry out and can cause a problem to batsmen, while the ball also might get slippery and make the bowlers have trouble with gripping it.

Predicting the weather is harder than making good online cricket betting tips, but forecast technology has evolved over the years, so we can now know exactly what sort of weather to expect, even several days before the match.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Ground & Pitch History

Last but not least, our betting predictions for a cricket match involve looking at the type of pitch where the game is about to take place. There are various types of pitches in cricket, with each affecting the match differently.

For example, hard pitches can turn dusty after several days of play, which can benefit spinners. These types of pitches are commonly found in India. Grass pitches located in cooler climates favour swing/fast bowling. If the pitch has no cracks and no grass, it will be referred to as a flat pitch, ultimately favouring batsmen and resulting in matches with high scoring.

Plenty of other sports have what’s called home advantage, and this is greatly emphasised in cricket. The home team will always prepare the pitch in a way that favours their batsmen and bowlers while also looking to create a disadvantage to the opposing team. Our experts consider all this when they make their prediction and come up with objective online cricket betting tips.

Odds Comparisons

After we complete our match predictions and figure out which bets are best to be taken, we are only halfway done in completing our cricket betting tips. The second step involves scanning the odds for value bets.

We do this by comparing the odds offered by Stake against our research, finding the potential for returns.

For example, one bookie might have the odds of 3.10 for a given market, while some other betting site can have odds of 3.50 for that same market. So, if you placed ₹1,000 on sportsbook A, you’ll be looking at a potential profit of ₹3,100, while wagering that same money on sportsbook B can have you looking at a payout of ₹3,500. It’s not that great of a difference, but taking the best available odds every single time will payout in the long run.

Check Stake's cricket odds

How Sportsbooks Set the Odds

Every cricket match comes with odds that reflect the chances of a certain bet going through and indicate how much money you can win relative to your stake. But where do these odds come from, and who is in charge of coming up with them?

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Well, employs its own expert odds compilers. These individuals are tasked with evaluating a cricket match and coming up with objective odds and lines. They take into consideration all the things that we look at as well, including team rankings, rosters, forms, injury reports, pitch, weather, and more.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

In essence, odds compilers have the same job as we do, the only difference being that they work for the sportsbooks while we provide online cricket betting tips to punters. When odds compilers make a mistake (they often do), our job is to find those mistakes and point you towards taking advantage of them.

Why Do Sportsbooks Have Different Odds for the Same Game?

The sole reason why we make odds comparisons is that not all sportsbooks have the same odds for the same game. This might seem strange to a beginner cricket punter, but there is a logical explanation.

Firstly, as we mentioned, every sports betting site has its own oddsmakers. These oddsmakers may have different approaches to research and view the game differently, consequently not agreeing on the exact odds and lines.

Secondly, sportsbooks can have different goals in terms of how they attract punters. Some may deliberately offer better odds for the price-conscious customers, while others may lower their odds but attract players using seemingly rewarding bonuses and promotions.

The odds issued by sportsbooks might also change over time. This happens due to the imbalance of bets flowing in. For example, if too many people wager on one team, the bookie would want to adjust the odds to make the bet for the other team more attractive.

However, the differences in odds are not that big, to begin with, so you should not obsess over them too much. You won’t find the odds of 2.00 on one bookie and 4.00 on another. Instead, the difference will be 0.1 or 0.2 in most cases. Still, if the odds are better at a given betting site, we will make sure to bring your attention to it in our online betting tips.

We Give You the Best Odds for Each Game

Our cricket betting tips would only mean so much if we didn’t provide you with the best possible odds for each game. Even when you win, it can be frustrating to know that you could have made a bigger profit if you were to make that same bet on another cricket betting website.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

IPL Betting Tips

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the top-tier Twenty20 cricket league in India and one of the most renowned cricket leagues in the world. Since Crictips is mostly directed at providing Indian punters with online cricket betting tips, IPL matches are our main focus.

Every spring, we put our investigative powers to work and do detailed analyses of teams and players going into the season. We cover every single match and provide our readers with detailed information that will help them make a knowledgeable bet.

Chennai Super Kings are crowned champions during the final of the Vivo Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021 champions Chennai Super Kings Photo by Ron Gaunt / Sportzpics for IPL

Daily Picks and Predictions

Even though the IPL season is very busy and provides us with a lot of work, we never miss on any matchup and are always ready to spew out new predictions. Our team of experts works around the clock reading through cricket news and analyses all the matches to the tiniest details. Every day you tune in to our website, you can expect to find new reports, announcements, and predictions.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

We think that it’s important for our IPL betting tips to be backed up with hard facts. That’s why every one of our predictions comes with an explanation on why we feel you should take a given bet. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake tips-giving sites out there whose only goal is to cheat you out of your money. You won’t have to worry about that with Crictips, as we always back our claims with expert analyses.

The Best IPL Betting Tips

We are far from being the only website that provides IPL betting tips, but we are known for being the best one. The reason why so many IPL fans like to visit our website is that we pierce into the nitty-gritty of every game and leave no stone unturned, giving you a reason why you should be confident and trust our predictions.

Cricket Pitch

Our analysts are die-hard fans of the IPL and occasionally like taking bets themselves. They have years of experience and know exactly what to look into before providing you with a tip. If you think that being the best is a self-proclaimed title, feel free to ask anyone who used our predictions about whether they turned a profit.

Of course, we don’t plan on stopping to improve. We continually add new members to our team of experts to make sure our tips stay accurate.


Our IPL Betting Tips Are Always Accurate

The thing is, we don’t need to talk about being the best website for IPL betting tips, as our results speak for ourselves. We have successfully predicted hundreds of bets thus far with impeccable precision and made money to thousands of Indian punters in the process.

If you don’t believe us, you can do a simple test. Read one of our tips articles and wait to see how things play out. You don’t need to wager any money (although you will be missing out on the opportunity to make a guaranteed profit). Just remember what we said about a given IPL match and see if our prediction turns out to be true. Spoiler alert — it will.

Big Bash League Betting Tips

The BBL is an Australian professional Twenty20 cricket league that is also very popular in India. Since the BBL season is typically played between December and February (during the IPL offseason), many Indian punters hungry for some cricket action enjoy betting on this league.

That’s why we also provide detailed online cricket betting tips for the BBL and all of the league’s matches. Follow up on your favourite Aussie teams and get accurate predictions together with the best odds.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Big Bash League Champions 2021 – Sydney Sixers (photo Twitter)

BBL Picks and Predictions

Even though we’re mostly focused on providing IPL betting tips, our team of betting experts works equally hard to make accurate predictions on the BBL. Knowing the teams, their history, rosters, key players, and pitches on which they play, we are able to give you knowledgeable tips for every single game of the season.

Just check in to our website a couple of days before the big BBL match, and we will have the research material set out for you. We will also scan all online sportsbooks that offer betting on the BBL and filter out those that feature the best odds for every given market.

We Only Give Solid Cricket Betting Tips

You won’t run into any wild BBL predictions on our website, as we only give cricket betting tips that are objective and likely to come true. We don’t play with superstitions, “what ifs,” hunches, or anything that isn’t backed by detailed analysis.

We understand that giving tips that aren’t based on any evidence will turn many people away, which is why we always try to stand by our word and give trustworthy suggestions backed by hard evidence.

If you want, you can also get solid cricket betting tips in hindi

Expert Cricket Betting Tips

We can’t emphasise enough how serious our approach is to providing online betting tips. Every cricket league is like its own sphere, having a distinct playstyle and season format. That’s why the approach we take on predicting IPL matches is not exactly the same as it is for the BBL.

We make sure to employ analysts that are familiar with the league or competition they are predicting. Our BBL experts have spent years being the fans of the league, following up on its history and trends. Only in that way can they make sure their online cricket betting tips are objective and accurate.

So far, we’ve had great success predicting the outcomes of BBL matches. If you don’t believe us, simply place a small wager on one of our suggested bets and wait for it to turn profitable. You can thank our experts later.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

Did we mention that our online cricket betting tips are completely free? Yes, all the tips we provide are free to anyone who visits our website. You don’t need to pay any subscriptions to get an insight into our expert analysis. Simply enter our website, find a match preview that you’re interested in, read through the material, and check out where to find the best odds. You won’t have to pay a dime, but you’ll have the opportunity to win some big bucks.

If you need any help navigating our website, feel free to contact our live chat agents that will be more than glad to assist you.

Why Bet on Cricket Over Other Sports

Millions of people from around the globe regularly place bets on cricket, and for a good reason. Cricket is one of the best sports for betting because it offers competitive odds and a great variety of markets.

Apart from the common match betting where you predict the outcome of a cricket match, you can also wager on markets like double chance, series winner, over/under, top batsman, top bowler, man of the match, outright winner, and many more.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Our team of experts always considers these factors when they release online cricket betting tips. Most of the time, we will tell you which team is going to win, but on some occasions, the best bet would be the over/under or some of the player proposition bets.

Using Our Cricket Betting Tips

Finding the right online cricket betting tips on our website is easy, but what do you do once you’ve located them? Well, the first thing would be to find the right online sportsbook for placing your bet. You can look for a sportsbook on your own, but we suggest that you create an account on one of our recommended cricket betting sites, as they feature all the most popular cricket events and have the best odds and bonuses.

How to Start Betting on

Choosing a betting site should not be something you do without proper research. There are hundreds of online sportsbooks out there, and we wish that we can say that all of them are good.

But just as we take a meticulous approach to creating our cricket betting tips, we also do extensive research on cricket betting sites to see which ones are the best. This is precisely why we have taken the decision to partner exclusively with; it is simply the best performing site in each of our stringent tests.

Here is a quick step-by-step protocol on how to start betting on cricket with Stake:

  1. Create your new account: Simply click on the prominent ‘Register’ button on the Stake website. You will need to provide your name, email address and set a secure password of your choice.
  2. Verify your account: As a responsible online bookmaker, will require you to verify your identity prior to making any bets. This process is very simple and will be completed quickly. You will ordinarily be asked to provide proof of identity, with a document like an ID card or passport, and proof of your address via a utility bill or bank statement.
  3. Deposit some funds: Once registered and verified, you can now make your first deposit. Choose whether you wish to use cryptocurrencies or INR and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Navigate to the cricket section: Once the funds are added to your account, now you should head to the cricket section found on Stake’s user-friendly navigation options.
  5. Find a match/event to bet on: There are literally hundreds of cricket events to bet on at any one time with Stake, particularly during the IPL. Check through the odds on offer and find something you feel comfortable placing a wager on.
  6. Make your bet: To make your first bet, click on any event to add it to your ‘betting slip’. This will then open a confirmation window on your screen, displaying your chosen bet, the current live odds and an indication of the possible payout should your bet pay off. Here, you can chance the amount you wish to wager. Once everything is set up, click on the “Place Bet” button to lock it in.
  7. Enjoy the cricket: Now your bet is in with, watch the cricket with the added entertainment value of seeing if you are a winner!
  8. Withdraw your winnings: If you are a cricket master and your bet is successful, any winnings will be automatically and instantly added to your Stake account. Now it’s up to you whether to use this to place more bets or to withdraw it. This can be undertaken through the ‘Withdraw’ button on the cashier section.

That’s it! Now you see exactly why rates Stake as the ultimate choice for Indian cricket fans to bet on their beloved sports safely and securely.

Why is Stake better than any other betting site?

On the surface, all of these cricket betting sites might look the same, but you should be familiar with some minor differences between them. It’s important to pay great attention to these differences in order to choose a betting site that suits you the most.The Best Cricket Betting Tips in India

Number of Cricket Events

Some bookies only offer betting on selected cricket events and ignore many less popular national leagues and tournaments. If you like betting on lower-level leagues and competitions, you will be more than satisfied by the choice available with Stake, as it will likely offer odds on every known cricket game.

Number of Markets

A single cricket game can have dozens of markets, but not all websites are so versatile when it comes to market coverage. If you only prefer betting on the match winner or over/under, you will find those markets on practically every website. However, if you’re more interested in player props and various in-game betting options, Stake has you covered.

Cricket Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses represent a way to extend your bankroll and give you the opportunity of making the most out of our cricket betting tips. Of course, some sportsbooks are more generous than others in this regard, so if bonuses are your thing, you should carefully read through the bonus terms and conditions. It is here that what might, at face value, appear to be a generous offer can turn out to be skewed heavily in favor of the bookmaker. In our vast experience, Stake have always been clear and provably fair with their numerous bonus and promo terms.

Payment Options

Online sportsbooks can also differ in the variety of payment options they accept. The available methods may include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, direct bank transfers, cheques, e-wallets, vouchers, cryptocurrencies, and more. Stake, although widely regarded as the premium crypto betting provider does also have a seamless fiat deposit & withdrawal process for Indian customer

Popular Payment methods


  • 💰 How do I win with cricket betting tips?

    You don’t have to do anything special to win using our online cricket betting tips. Simply browse our pages to find the match you’re interested in, read through the article, and place a suggested bet on one of our top-rated cricket betting sites.

  • 🔎 Where can I find IPL betting tips?

    You can find expert IPL betting tips right here on our website. Click the Betting Tips tab in the top bar and see all the predictions for the upcoming matches.

  • ⚖️ What kind of cricket betting tips is the best?

    Naturally, the best cricket betting tips are the ones that turn out to be correct, and to find those, you won’t have to go beyond our website.

  • 🇮🇳 Can I bet on the IPL?

    The IPL is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world, so if you find a website that offers cricket betting, it is likely that it will feature markets for the IPL.

  • 🎁 Where is the best place to do online cricket betting?

    The best place for betting on cricket online would be on We have tested their legitimacy, safety, quality of odds, and quick payments. No one else comes close!

  • 🏏 Where can I find solid cricket betting tips?

    Crictips is the best website for providing free and accurate online cricket betting tips. Through our website, you can find solid tips on the BBL, IPL, Cricket World Cup, and many other competitions.