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We work in the fields of news and cricket betting

We are here to give you the best betting tips and highest quality articles about cricket, that you can find anywhere online!

To this day we still follow the original plan to be the leading cricket betting portal on the Internet and helping out fellow bettors finding the best gambling portals to place their (cricket) bets. And we still follow this vision, as well as keep an up to date list of sportsbook reviews.

The focus on our site are delivering the best cricket betting tip and that for free! The tips are produced by professional cricket writers, but often in conjunction with a trusted circle of professional bettors. The sites reviewed on this site are all the ones used by our betting team when analyzing the matches, so these are sportsbooks we use ourselves and can vouch for.


Meet The Team

Our team is cricket experts from all over India.

Anant Srivastava

Anant hails from Lucknow and has played cricket at the block, district, and club levels. He is simply a sports fanatic and has a strong affinity for Cricket. Anant writes about cricket, and as he has been a player himself, he tries to view things from a player's perspective as well. Though he is a media/communication professional, he talks like a child when discussing cricket.

Avijit Dutta

Avijit Dutta is a globetrotter who has cricket embraced in heart and soul. Mountains are his second home and cricket is his bread and butter. Avijit writes articles about the news in the cricket world and listicles.

Rawat Karan

Karan has a craze for cricket like people of his country India. And naturally, he played cricket from his childhood. He was always driven by the game and being a keen observer he brings statistical knowledge and passion in his articles.

Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an ardent cricket fan and is happy to watch any match happening around the globe. An information technology student by education, Sakshi's love towards gentlemen's games inclined her towards a career in the sports industry. She is a hardcore Virat Kohli fan and is passionate about writing engaging and crisp articles on cricket. She has earned over 1500 bylines in the last two years and has a long way to go.

Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi is more than a sport, sports persons have kept her engaged in work. She is a sports fanatic whose mantra in life is “do only what you enjoy".

Shimit Mathur

Shimit is a competent sports writer with cricket expertise and an understanding of analytics and numbers. When he is not writing he is a standup comedian.

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