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28 May 2024 - 21:00 IST

  • England


  • Pakistan



England vs Pakistan, 3

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Our team consists of expert cricket lovers and punters who make thorough analyses of upcoming cricket matches to provide top-of-the-class cricket tips for the fans of this sport. Our experts have made a selection of the best odds and value bets offered by world-renowned betting site,

To learn more about our method and how cricket predictions work in general, make sure to read our guide carefully. Alternatively, feel free to explore available predictions on the site and see how it all works in practice. 


May 25 19:00
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Odds updated May 22 23:17
Odds updated May 22 23:17
May 25 20:30
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Odds updated May 24 00:30
Odds updated May 24 00:30
May 26 19:30
Kolkata Knight Riders
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Kolkata Knight Riders
Odds updated May 25 00:03
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Odds updated May 25 00:03

Cricket Predictions for the IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular cricket league in the world. Even though the league has been active for less than two decades, it has become the hub for cricket, promoting the sport worldwide.

Chennai Super Kings are crowned champions during the final of the Vivo Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021 champions Chennai Super Kings Photo by Ron Gaunt / Sportzpics for IPL

We’ll analyse every upcoming match and give you our opinion

Therefore, a good deal of our match predictions will focus on IPL. We’ll analyse every upcoming match and give you our opinion on the outcome and expected performance for every team. By reading our overview, you’ll have a better insight into the matches, which will eventually help you decide on the best possible bets.

Expert Cricket Predictions

Our team consists of cricket enthusiasts who have been actively following (or even playing) the sport for decades. We don’t leave anything up to chance when making IPL predictions and use various tools to offer you as accurate a take as possible on all upcoming IPL duels.

We use various tools that are considered useful and successful in the cricket community for predicting the outcome, such as WASP — Winning and Score Predictor.

WASP algorithm – V(b,w) = r(b,w) + p(b,w)V(b+1,w+1) + (1-p(b,w))V(b+1,w)

This algorithm takes into account various possibilities and estimates the numbers of runs and wickets in every game. It was created by PhD graduates Dr Scott Brooker and Dr Seamus Hoger from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. This tool is based on dynamic programming and is widely regarded as one of the best algorithms for cricket match predictions.

However, it also comes with a couple of drawbacks. For instance, if a batsman is retired or hurt, there’s no way to take that into account when making a prediction. Our experts, therefore, don’t only focus on WASP but also employ a wide array of other methods to make the best possible prediction.

What makes us stand out from the pack

What makes us stand out from the pack is the willingness to take a deep dive when researching upcoming matches and pay attention to every possible detail. In some cases, you don’t need complex algorithms to reach conclusions — just common sense.

Free Cricket Predictions

All of our cricket predictions will be available free of charge. It means anyone will have an opportunity to read them and access our match analyses, previews, predictions, tips, and more.

Example Cricket Match Prediction

Even though we don’t have a strict template that we follow when making match predictions, we still want to cover as many things as possible to provide real value for our readers.

Almost every match prediction that we make begins by providing match details. In other words, you’ll be able to know who is playing, when the match will be played, and where it will take place. This is very important if you’re going to research weather conditions, which could also be beneficial for making the right bet when wagering on cricket.

After that, we’ll have a short preview of the upcoming match. We’ll discuss both team’s recent results, top scorers, previous duels, and more. Moreover, we’ll take into account the players who have been performing well lately and discuss them briefly, commenting on what they could do in the upcoming match.

We’ll then try to guess the starting XIs for both teams and look at the key players that could make a difference in the match.

Ultimately, we’ll state our final decision on the winner of the match and suggest the best bet and the best value bet.

This was just a short overview of how we make predictions. Continue reading to learn more about our prediction process.

Sydney Thunder BBL Champions 2020-21

Who Will Win Today’s Cricket Matches?

If you’re a cricket lover, you’re probably interested in match prediction today. In other words, our readers often want to get more tips just before they bet, and that’s why we make sure to feature all our predictions and analyses for matches that take place first.

Odds Analysis

Different bookmakers offer different odds on cricket matches. We manually check every single market we present on our predictions ensuring they are the best value in the market.

A section of our website is dedicated to bookies, meaning you can explore various popular online betting sites.

Video Preview

From time to time, we’ll feature a video preview of upcoming cricket matches. In those reviews, we’ll briefly discuss everything that you’ll find in our written match predictions.

Toss Predictions

The coin toss is an essential part of every cricket match. Half an hour before every match, captains of both teams meet to exchange team selection sheets. The home captain then tosses the coin. The away captain gets to choose the side of the coin they want, and the home captain then tosses it to decide which team will bat or bowl first.

Even though there’s a 50% chance to get a coin toss right, we can still speculate on what would happen in different scenarios. For example, what would happen if the home team bats and the away bowls and vice versa?

Many bettors change their cricket wagering strategy after the toss, which is why it’s a vital part of cricket wagering.

Live Game Predictions and Tips

Betting on live cricket matches is an exciting activity that can help you make a quick profit. It also comes with higher risk, which is why it’s essential to get proper guidance when placing live bets.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge to provide live game predictions and tips, so make sure to check out available in-play content before starting your live betting session. You’ll find various useful stats and figures related to the live match, which can help you make the best possible decision. 

How We Come Up With Our Cricket Predictions

This part of the guide will provide detailed information on how our IPL match predictions work. You’ll gain exclusive insight into our research and analysis processes which ultimately help us determine the most probable outcome. Read on.

Match Details

Before we start predicting the outcome, it’s crucial to provide adequate details regarding the time and the place of the match to help our readers organise their watching schedule. This is also important because it tells you the home and away teams, which plays an important role when placing bets on cricket matches. Moreover, researching weather conditions is often an integral part when making cricket bets.

We’ll also provide additional details about the channels broadcasting the game (if possible). You’ll also learn whether the match is available for online live streaming.

Match History

When two teams go head-to-head, we first analyse their match history. We’ll quickly overview their recent results and comment on the possible outcome of the upcoming match. By studying the head-to-head record, we can learn much more about the overall rivalry and individual performances of certain players.

Season Recap

In some cases, we’ll analyse how both teams performed in the league in the ongoing season, which could be helpful to those who don’t usually follow those franchises. We’ll comment on their previous matches and point out important wins/losses in the season.


Sometimes, punters prefer certain types of bets over others when placing wagers in online bookmakers. If there’s data available on wagering trends for the match we’re reviewing, we’ll let you know what the public thinks. Please consider that trending bets aren’t always the most probable ones, as most bettors often miss essential information that can make all the difference. That’s why we suggest reading complete reviews provided by our team to learn more about match prediction today.

Team Rosters and Injuries

One thing that cricket bettors want to know the most before playing is the roster for both teams. We’ll make a quick overview of all players who will represent the competing teams and comment if there’s anything you should know about particular players. For example, we’ll let you know if a specific player failed to meet expectations in previous matches or if they played better than expected.

Starting XIs

What’s more important than the entire team roster is the eleven players selected as match starters. This is often difficult to determine, as teams don’t usually share this type of information before the match, so the best we can do is make the list of the most probable starters. This list is determined based on previous starters, individual performances, and more. By knowing the starters, you’ll be able to adjust your betting strategy and improve your chances of winning the bet.

Key Players

Like it or not, some players are more important than others, and we usually discuss those whom we consider essential for the upcoming game. Our experts will sometimes create a section called Probable Top Performers and discuss the players we think will do well in the match. This can be helpful for bettors who enjoy placing various prop bets, over/under, and more.

Predicted Winners

The last part of every cricket match prediction is reserved for our final decision. Simply put, we’ll tell you which team is our favourite and is more likely to win the match. Sometimes, making such a decision is easy, especially when there’s a clear favourite. On the other hand, when two teams are equal, suggesting a winner is always a brave move, and we put more effort into determining the outcome.

Best Bet and Value Bet

Finally, we’ll provide two options for you — best bet and value bet. The best bet is usually the one that’s most likely to happen. The value bet comes with great odds but is less likely to be successful.

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