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Get in on the latest developments in the Big Bash League and take advantage of the best odds and lines for all BBL matches by browsing through our prediction pages. Our experts work day and night and analyse every upcoming BBL match to the smallest detail, thus helping you make the most valuable wager.

Of course, doing good analysis is only half the work, as you’ll also need to know where to take a particular bet. That’s why we make sure to do everything for you and compare odds on all sportsbooks covering the Big Bash League.



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The Big Bash League (officially known as the KFC Big Bash League due to a sponsorship deal) is Australia’s top T20 professional cricket league that had its first edition in 2011, when it was established by Cricket Australia.


BBL 2011-12 left: final between Perth Scorchers and Sydney Sixers. Right: champions Sydney Sixers


The BBL is the successor of Twenty20 Big Bash, which ran from 2005 to 2011, when the organisers decided to change the league’s format and add two more teams. As of right now, the KFC Big Bash League features eight teams, each of which plays 14 matches in the double round-robin format. Afterwards, the top five teams progress to the playoff phase.

BBL 2023-24 teams – Melbourne Stars, Sydney Sixers, Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades

BBL 2023-24 teams – Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder, Hobart Hurricanes & Perth Scorchers

The typical BBL season usually runs from mid-December to early February and features a total of 61 matches, which have an average attendance of around 20,000 people. The current BBL champions are the Perth Scorchers, who also have the top spot for winning most BBL titles (4) alongside the Sixers (3).


Perth Scorchers won 2022-23 season of BBL

Perth Scorchers BBL Champions 2022-23


Our prediction experts are big fans of the BBL, thoroughly following every season and being familiar with all the teams and their rosters. If you’re eagerly waiting for the next BBL season to start and are hoping to make some cash, we can help you prepare, as we release detailed BBL match predictions for every single match during both the regular season and the playoffs.


BBL News

Apart from doing match betting tips and making predictions, we also regularly publish Big Bash League news. Has any of the teams signed a new player? Are there some injured players that will miss the next round? What did coaches say about their teams’ performances after a blockbuster match? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in our News section before and after every game.

Why is this important? Well, knowing what’s going on in the league outside of the pitches and reading between the lines can help you predict the outcomes of the following matches better. If there are some controversies among teammates, it might suggest that the whole team’s chemistry is off and that they’ll perform poorly going forward. If an injury has occurred, it’s important to look into things like how that player will be substituted and how it will affect the chances of an entire team.


Like with any other news, it’s important for it to be fresh. Our experts work with league insiders and continually go through other cricket news outlets to find all stories relevant to the BBL. As soon as we spot a story worth sharing, we publish it in the shortest time frame, so keep an eye out on our News section to pick up on the articles that may affect the next match’s outcome and, therefore, your betting decision. If the bookies pick up the news before you, they will promptly change the odds and strip you of the opportunity to find a value bet.

While our goal is to make accurate and trustworthy BBL predictions, bettors are not the only ones who get to benefit from our website. Even if cricket betting is not your thing and you enjoy watching BBL because you’re just a cricket fan, you’ll find plenty of interesting stuff in our News section, as we also cover stories that don’t necessarily relate to betting predictions.The Big Bash League is one of the most prestigious cricket leagues in the world and a part of our primary focus, but that doesn’t mean we neglect other cricket competitions. That’s why you’ll also be able to find news on various other cricket leagues, like the Indian Premier League, Caribbean Premier League, Cricket World Cup, and many more.

Keep refreshing that News page, as we tend to deliver several pieces a day, especially during the BBL season.


BBL Match Predictions

When we came up with an idea to launch Crictips, our goal was to create the best cricket knowledge hub for bettors and fans of the sport. We don’t need to tell you that we succeeded in making that goal a reality, as the numbers speak for themselves.
Thousands of cricket bettors storm our Prediction pages every day in search of good bets. Among them, there are hundreds of loyal visitors who have been with us for years and who have made a ton of money off of our suggestions. We do not guarantee that we will always make an accurate prediction — however, we can assure you that, if you stick to our predictions, you’ll have more successful bets than unsuccessful ones over time.

There isn’t any special secret to our success. Getting cricket predictions right isn’t some sort of psychic magic. Basically, when betting on any sport, the key to success is having knowledge about it, and that’s what we have plenty of.

More importantly, we know which things to look into when making our predictions. Afterwards, we put together the report in such a way that allows our readers to find what they’re looking for easily. Each prediction report consists of several segments, including match details, preview, pitch report, weather conditions, lineups and key players, and, finally, probable winners with the best odds.

Match Details

This is the part where you’ll find some basic information about a given BBL match. This includes the name of the two teams, the round, the stadium they’re playing on, and the date and the time of the match.

Take note of the exact time, as you’ll need to make your pre-match bets at least five minutes prior to the start. Of course, even if you are late to make pre-match wagers, it won’t be such a big deal, as most sportsbook sites in India allow live betting on the BBL.


The preview is where we talk a bit more about the two teams facing each other, like which teams they played in the previous round and how they performed against each other the last time they met.

We also expand on the current form of the two squads, their expectations for the season, their current position in the standings, potential injuries and lineup changes, and anything else that may seem important when predicting the outcome. Once we take all of this into consideration, we can conclude which team has an advantage going into the match.

Pitch Report

The ground on which a cricket match is played is very important when making a prediction. However, this does not necessarily refer to the fact that the home team has an advantage due to its home crowd and the fact that the match is played on a pitch the team is used to playing on — although this is definitely factored in as well.

Instead, a pitch report focuses on the type of pitch that hosts a BBL match. In other sports, like basketball or hockey, this is not so important, as these sports have standards for what their playing fields need to look like. However, there’s some wiggle room in cricket. For example, some pitches have more grass than others or feature a specific type of grass and dirt that make them flat or hard.

Depending on the pitch type, it can benefit certain types of players and teams, which, in turn, can help us predict which team has an advantage or whether the match will be low or high scoring.

Weather Conditions

A common mistake among rookie cricket bettors is that they don’t look at weather forecasts before a given match. Weather plays a big part in cricket, as the matches are held in the open. Things like humidity and temperature have an effect on how the ball bounces off the pitch, and just like in the previous section, a specific type of weather can benefit one team over the other.

You might think that looking at weather forecasts to give people a tip on which team to bet on is a bit wacky, but those are exactly the lengths that our experts are willing to go to in order to make an accurate prediction. We only collect precise weather data, and once we know what type of weather is expected on match day, it can help us give you a good tip.

Probable Playing XIs and Key Players

Making a good BBL match prediction involves looking into the smallest of details, but that doesn’t mean that we neglect the most important ones, like the actual players who will go out on the pitch and ultimately have a say in deciding the winner.


Sydney Sixers Squad 2021

Sydney Sixers Squad 2021


That’s why our reports always contain a list of 11 players for each team, who are expected to go out on the pitch come match day. The reason why we call them probable playing XIs is because we don’t actually know for certain which 22 players will be called out to play, as our predictions are made days in advance. Nevertheless, since we usually look at past lineups, player forms, and injury reports, our list of probable playing XIs is almost always accurate.


Sydney Sixers Squad 2021

Sydney Sixers Squad 2021


Additionally, we single out a player from each team, whom we refer to as a key player. This player is expected to make the biggest impact on the pitch for his team.

Probable Winners

After thoroughly analysing everything we’ve discussed above, we are ready to make a concrete prediction and tell you which team is expected to win the match. This is ultimately the only thing that most of our readers are interested in, so if you’re looking for a simple tip, scroll down to the bottom of each of our Prediction pages, and you’ll find who we picked.

Best BBL Odds

As we’ve mentioned earlier, predicting what’s going to happen in a BBL match is only one part of what we do here on Crictips. In addition to analysing the matches, we also search for sportsbooks that will give bettors the best odds for a particular face-off.



Each sportsbook has its own odds for every BBL fixture, and with plenty of betting sites available in India, we have to do some digging around in order to find the ones that are truly the best. Our goal is to search for those odds that seem slightly “off” and that have little to no vigorish to them, as these are the odds that truly bring value to the bettor.



Once we find the right odds, we display them at the bottom of our Prediction page, together with links that will lead you to a corresponding BBL betting site.



You can rest assured knowing that all betting sites you find the link to here on Crictips are licensed and safe.


BBL Schedule

If you plan on making the most out of the Big Bash League regular season and playoff, you need to know when and where the matches take place. The BBL always releases a full schedule before each season, and you can find it right here on Crictips. From there, you can bookmark the matches you’re interested in and discover our predictions for it a few days before it’s about to take place.

Since cricket matches depend on weather conditions (for example, a match is postponed due to rain), there always might be some changes to the BBL schedule. But worry not — as soon as a match is postponed and rescheduled, we will change the schedule on our website accordingly.

Looking at the BBL schedule is also important from the prediction standpoint. For example, a team might have a stretch of tough games, which will definitely affect their performance, or they might rest some players for a game they are certain to win anyway and focus on the more important match up ahead.


BBL Scoreboard

As soon as a BBL match is finished, we will give you a full report, alongside the correct score, top performers, and other details. We always double-check our stats, so you can be sure that the BBL scoreboard you find here on Crictips is correct. The stats will include the number of runs and overs, lost wickets, player scores, and more.

Analysing this information will come in handy when trying to predict future outcomes. The more stats you have, the easier it is to spot trends and use that knowledge for the next match those teams are playing.

But even if you don’t have the time to look at previous scores, it won’t matter, as our experts will do it for you and take it into account when releasing their next prediction.

Schedule & odds

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