India vs New Zealand 2024 Predictions

Today’s India vs New Zealand Predictions

India vs New Zealand

India and New Zealand are two massive cricket nations, so it’s only natural that they are big rivals as well. They first played against each other in 1955, and they’ve never stopped battling each other with as much passion as the players can give.


You can expect them to play against each other for many years to come, so on this page, we’re looking to tell you more about the two teams. We’ll explore their rivalry, past matches, successes and failures, stats, and so much more. Most importantly, we’ll give you the betting predictions and tips you need to make the most of your betting experience with these two.


If you are a big fan of either of the two cricket teams or just a big cricket punter, you’re in the right place. This page will contain all the information you need for every upcoming match, helping you make the most accurate predictions you possibly can. So, keep reading to learn what you need to know to place some wagers!

India vs New Zealand History

Both teams are ancient in the world of cricket. New Zealand only gained its Test status a year before India, in 1930. However, a quarter of a century had to pass for the two teams to finally meet in their first official encounter.


The two cricket giants first went head-to-head in a Test match in 1955. The game ended as a draw after a heated match at Fateh Maidan in the Indian city of Hyderabad. It lasted for five days in late November, and they met each other again in early December. The match was also a long one, and India managed to win.


Their first bilateral series eventually ended in India’s favour as a total of five matches were played, three of which ended in a draw, and India came out as the victor in the remaining two.


After that, the Test series usually went in India’s favour. The two teams have played 25 Test series so far, and India has won 14. On the other hand, New Zealand became the victor in eight series while three ended in a draw. This is a total of 63 matches, 22 for India and 13 for New Zealand, and 27 draws.


The situation with the ODI series is similar, but it’s hard to say that India is the clear favourite here. The Indian national team has won 17 of their 53 series, while New Zealand won seven. The first series occurred in 1975, and New Zealand was the winner. However, if we look at ODI matches, the situation is more heated. 55 of the 114 were won by India, but as many as 49 by New Zealand. Only one was a tie.


The T20 series history between the two is a relatively short one. The first bilateral series between the two occurred in 2008, and the Kiwis won it. The countries played eight series, four ending in India’s favour, three in New Zealand’s, while one was a tie. The match history is a tie between the two, as both teams won nine matches each.

India vs New Zealand Betting Predictions

The situation between the two is a heated rivalry that tends to favour India in more cases than one. However, there are still no clear favourites here, so when you decide to place a wager or two on these teams, you will have to consider many things.


Most notably, look at the recent meet-ups, the current morale of the teams, injuries, and many other vital pieces of information that always play a significant role in cricket match predictions.


At the moment, the two teams are the biggest in cricket, most notably in Test cricket. According to the latest Test rankings from ICC, India is number one, while New Zealand is number two.


However, the latest encounters between the two mostly went in New Zealand’s favour, and the Kiwis have been on a roll in 2021. They became the number one nation in both Test and ODI rankings in the same year.


New Zealand won the 2019/20 India vs New Zealand test series 2–0. What’s more, the Kiwis prevailed against the Blues in the single test match they played in 2021. However, India finally came on top recently by winning the two-match series in late 2021.


All in all, you will have to think carefully the next time you decide to bet on either of these two juggernauts. But with our help, we are confident you’ll prevail more often than you were hoping for.

India vs New Zealand Betting Tips

Even though the situation is relatively even between the two, the Blues have the numbers in their favour. However, it’s still a teeter-totter game between the two that more often than not ends in the home team’s favour. So, take this into account when placing wagers.


Naturally, we will still provide you with our tips, so you have all you need for developing sound betting strategies.


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India Starting XI

India needs to bring its A-game against New Zealand, just as they always do. No other team can be so difficult to beat as the Kiwis, which is why it matters which players are in the starting XI and what that lineup is.


Of course, before each match, we’ll make sure to inform you of the Blues’ starting XI, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with before you place your wager.

New Zealand Starting XI

Just as India has a hard time beating New Zealand, the same can be said about the Kiwis. However, when Trent Boult and Kane Williamson are in the game, the Kiwis certainly have a better shot.


You’ll always have to take a better look at the starting XI before you place your wager, so we’ll make sure to provide that lineup for you before each game begins.

India vs New Zealand Live Score

If you can’t watch the clash of the titans every time you’re betting on them, don’t worry because we have you covered. The live score section will always include the constantly updated score of the match currently on. We make sure to follow all the games in the ODIs, Test series, and T20s, so you’ll always get the sorely needed live score.


We’ll make sure to tell the score and all other vital developments in the match. All of that together will not only help you follow your existing wagers but place some live ones as well.

India vs New Zealand Schedule

The pandemic makes scheduling hard in the world of sports, but the show must go on. Whenever we get the latest on the current date for the upcoming match of the two cricket giants, we’ll make sure to update the section so you can start developing your betting strategy.

India vs New Zealand Test Series

As you’ve already seen, the two teams wage a never-ending war in the test series. Overall, India has 14 series wins, while the Kiwis have won eight. However, it’s still worth noting that New Zealand is the champion of the 2019-21 ICC World Test Championship, while the Blues are the runner-ups.


The most recent matches went in India’s favour, so it’s never black and white with these two. The Blues managed to win by 372 runs in the second Test match in the 2021/22 series, while the first one ended up as a tie.

India vs New Zealand ODI

India and New Zealand have played many ODI matches and series against each other. However, once again, the numbers are more in India’s favour. New Zealand has only managed to win 33.33% of the ODI series they played against India, and the Blues have won as many as 55 matches in total.


However, New Zealand has had the upper hand lately, as seen by their latest 2020 victory in the ODI series against the Blues. The Kiwis won all three ODI matches in 2020, the first by four wickets, the second by 22 runs, and the last by five wickets with as many as 17 balls left.