IPL 2023 Points Table

Position Teams Matches Won Lost Points NRR
1 Gujarat Titans 14 10 4 20 +0.809
2 Chennai Super Kings 14 8 5 17 +0.652
3 Lucknow Super Giants 14 8 5 17 +0.304
4 Mumbai Indians 14 8 6 16 -0.004
5 Rajasthan Royals 14 7 7 14 +0.148
6 Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 7 7 14 +0.135
7 Kolkata Knight Riders 14 6 8 12 -0.256
8 Punjab Kings 14 6 8 12 -0.304
9 Delhi Capitals 14 5 9 10 -0.808
10 Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 4 10 8 -0.059






IPL Predictions

Our detailed Indian Premier League 2023 match predictions cover everything about each team as they prepare to lock horns, days before stepping onto the pitch. So, take your time reading all the data we have available for each IPL 2023 match to help you make better predictions.

Throughout 2023, our team of experts have been busy analysing each team, their forms, matchup history, pitch reports, and key players. Plus, they are constantly scanning online sportsbooks for the most favourable odds and lines for each IPL 2023 match. Once you have chosen your best bet options, you’re just a click away from a betting site with the best price.


IPL Betting

Need some tips for today’s IPL 2023 match, a general prediction for who might win, or want to place a bet on your favourite team? CricTips is the place for you.

IPL 2023 Schedule

Finally, after years of COVID-19 interruptions to the IPL scheduling, we can now be sure when each team will be playing! Check out the Crictips IPL 2023 Schedule guide below:

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For the 16th edition of the IPL, teams will play 7 home and 7 away games in the league stage as the tournament returns to its original home-and-away format. The previous season saw games held across three cities in Maharashtra: Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

The 16th edition of the IPL will commence on 31st March 2023 with an electrifying match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings at the Narendra Modi Stadium, made famous as the world’s largest cricket venue. An entertaining 70 matches taking place over the course of 52 days across 12 venues provide plenty for fans to look forward to.

On 1st April 2023, Punjab Kings will host Kolkata Knight Riders in Mohali, while Lucknow Super Giants take on Delhi Capitals in Lucknow, marking the start of 18 double-headers this season. All day games will begin at 3:30 PM IST, with evening games commencing at 07:30 PM IST. Rajasthan Royals will play their first two home matches in Guwahati before transferring to the Jaipur stadium for the remaining home games. Punjab Kings’ five home matches take place in Mohali followed by Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals respectively. Playoff and Final venues will be announced Confidentially later on.

The TATA IPL 2023 grand finale is scheduled for May 28, 2023.

IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League is the highest-ranking T20 cricket league in India and one of the most prestigious cricket competitions in the world. Steps have been made to ensure that the IPL maintains its status as the premier T20 tournament in the world this year.

To begin the season, BCCI introduced the Impact Player rule. Teams are now allowed to name four substitute, or Impact, players for a match in addition to their Starting XI. During the match, one of these substitutes may be used by teams. Moreover, teams can capitalize on DRS to review wides and no-balls as implemented during WPL (Women’s Premier League).


Chennai Super Kings are crowned champions during the final of the Vivo Indian Premier League 2021


Sports betting sites are filled with IPL 2023 markets during the season, giving you the option to make wagers on anything from player props to outright winners. Knowing when and where to place bets, in which markets and with what odds is key if you plan to make a profit.



Our cricket experts are diehard fans of the 2023 IPL.

Not only do our cricket experts watch every match, but they also follow up on all crucial league-wide news and trends that could be useful for betting purposes.


IPL 2022 Match Predictions


Keep coming back to CricTips throughout the IPL 2023 season for predictions on every single match and our exclusive analysis, including everything that you need to make an informed bet: match details, preview, pitch report, probable XIs, key players, and probable winners. Plus, our reports can help you build on your own knowledge to predict the outcome of the entire IPL 2023 season.

IPL Betting Experts

Looking for a cricket betting tips expert? At CricTips, we have years of experience analysing matches and have accumulated a range of tips to share directly with you. Discover more about our tips below.


Todays IPL 2023 News

Keeping up with the news surround the 2023 Indian Premier League is essential for picking the right bet. Whether a team signs a new player, rumours circulate that a team’s chemistry is off, or a player’s injury report states that they will miss most of the season, CricTips will be the first place to share it with you.


IPL 2022 News

We guarantee that by keeping up with the latest IPL 2023 news here on CricTips, you’ll be completely up to date with all the latest events in and around the IPL, helping you make better bets. All our information comes from reliable sources, and we are proud to cover all relevant stories that may affect the outcome of teams’ performances.

Even if betting on the IPL 2023 is not your primary focus, our news section will help you understand what’s going on in the league. Plus, true IPL fans can read exclusive players interviews, catch up on important announcements, and access complete match reports.

Of course, the IPL 2023 is only one part of our news section. After the season is over, and the players take their well-deserved breaks, CricTips is still here, 24/7, bringing you the latest details from the world of cricket. There’s always so much going on before and after the IPL season that can affect the league itself. So, our expert team will keep an ear out for any IPL 2023 related stories and promptly share them with you.

We understand the time-sensitive nature of news reporting all too well, especially when it can be used as a valuable source of information for IPL 2023 betting. An outdated report means nothing, as bookies will quickly pick up on the news and change their odds, taking away the opportunity for you to find a value bet. That’s why we always aim to issue a quick write-up as soon as we learn about something important that could affect the outcome of the next IPL match.

IPL 2022 Betting Picks


To stay up to date with teams’ reports, simply refresh our news pages for the latest report that might capture your attention. We post several news reports a day, even those that are not as widespread, allowing you to read more about the IPL than you can on other sites.

Todays IPL Match Predictions

Thousands of cricket fans visit our website daily, including many looking to bet on the results. But why do so many bookmark our CricTips website? Well, we’re pretty good at making accurate IPL predictions. Our analysts are also fans of the sport, so they take extra care to take every little thing into account, when conducting research, and then search for sportsbooks that offer the best odds in particular markets.


We never base our predictions on a hunch.

Our CricTips predictions are made after multiple hours of looking at advanced data, history matchups, news reports, and anything else that might help us lead you to make a successful bet. Still not convinced? Just look at some of the archived predictions we made and you’ll soon discover that a great majority of them were spot on.

IPL Match Predictions

All our prediction reports consist of several segments, including match details, previews, pitch reports, weather conditions, potential XIs, key players, and probable winners. Additionally, each prediction page includes links to sportsbooks with the best IPL odds.

Todays IPL Match Details

Under match details, you’ll be able to see which two teams play against each other, the exact date and time (please note the time zone), and the stadium where the match is taking place.

Match Previews

Many sportsbooks take pre-match bets a few minutes before the start of a game. But, even if you’re late to make a pre-match bet, you’ll be able to take wagers on the game if the sportsbook features live betting.


Preview is the longest part of our match prediction reports, but it’s also one of the most important. This section allows you to familiarise yourself with each team and what the next matchup means for each side. We also cover how each team has performed in the matches prior to their next one, and what happened the last time these specific teams met.

IPL Statistics

By looking at all this historical information, it can help make more informed prediction for the outcome of their next match. But we go even further, by digging deep into some very specific details of the game. For example, the Mumbai Indians may have lost their last match against the Delhi Capitals, but it was due to missing some key players, plus the loss didn’t affect their standings.

Pitch Report

Unlike in many sports, the IPL 2023 cricket pitch can play a huge factor in determining each team’s chances of winning. Not many consider it, but the surface can favour can benefit one team or the other. For example, hard pitches favour spinners, while flat pitches benefit batsmen. The pitch can also indicate whether the match will have a low or high score, helping you make the right bet on the over/under market.

Indian Premier League Pitch Report


Naturally, the home team will design their pitch to benefit their style of play. This is why the advantage of a home pitch is so vital in the IPL, although the top teams have learnt to adjust their style when playing on tour.

Weather Conditions

Weather is a significant factor in the IPL and cricket in general. The wetness of grass and the humidity of air can affect how the ball moves and bounces, ultimately affecting a match’s outcome. Like with pitches, specific teams benefit from certain weather conditions, while others tend to be disadvantaged.

All of this is factored in when we make our IPL predictions. Meteorology is now more accurate than ever, so we can easily collect data that suggests what kind of weather is expected on the day of the match.

Potential XIs and Key Players

One of the key things to look at when predicting the outcome of an IPL 2023 match is the chosen squad. The eleven players that go onto the pitch will ultimately decide the winner, so it’s worth looking at which players are most likely to start the match.


Of course, this involves a bit of speculation, as teams can change their line-ups a day, or even a few hours, before the match. We always take injury reports and coaches’ decisions into account, so the 22 players we list will almost always be the ones you end up seeing on the pitch. Plus, we write a paragraph or two about the key players on each squad, listing some of their recent stats and talking about their form and availability status.

Probable Winners

Many visit CricTips to make a simple moneyline bet. And we have helped make that as simple as possible. At the bottom of each of our prediction pages, we have included a note to state which team to back with a wager.


Best IPL 2023 Odds

Apart from helping you decide what to bet on during every IPL match, we also suggest a few sportsbooks to take those bets in.



Each sports betting site feature their own odds for IPL 2023 matches, and while the differences in odds between each sportsbook can be minor, you should always look for the best possible price, giving you the ability to earn a higher profit for the same stake.

Best IPL Odds

Each sports betting site feature their own odds for IPL 2023 matches, and while the differences in odds between each sportsbook can be minor, you should always look for the best possible price, giving you the ability to earn a higher profit for the same stake.

Be sure that all sports betting sites you find on our website are legit, safe, and accept customers from India.

IPL Scoreboard

Keep coming back to CricTips to find detailed match reports after every IPL 2023 match, along with the complete scoreboard, including the numbers of runs, overs, and lost wickets for each team. Plus, our scoreboard has detailed stats for every player, wicket falls, and match notes.

We keep an archive of scores that stretch back several seasons, allowing you to always come back and remind yourself of how the last match between two teams went down. We publish these scoreboards minutes after each match is over, and we can guarantee that every number and stat is 100% accurate.

Our team of experts take each of these scoreboards into account when making future predictions, so you can clearly see where their information has been taken from.

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  • 🕑 When does the IPL 2023 start?

    The IPL 2023 season starts with the match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings on the 31st of March, 2023.

  • 🏏 How long does the iPL last?

    The 70th and final match of the 2023 IPL season is scheduled for the 21st May, and sees Royal Challengers Bangalore facing the Gujarat Titans.

  • 📍 How long does an IPL match take?

    An IPL match takes approximately 3 hours.

  • How many teams are competing in the IPL 2023?

    After the creation of two new teams in 2022, 2023's IPL will consist of 10 teams.

  • How many matches will be played in the 2023 IPL season?

    There will be a total of 70 matches in this year's IPL.