Super Smash Predictions

The Men’s Super Smash, or the currently named Dream11 Super Smash, is a Twenty20 cricket competition in New Zealand.

It’s a domestic cricket league representing New Zealand’s answer to the current domestic Twenty20 cricket league craze circling the globe. New Zealand had to have one of its own with so many similar leagues in countries like Pakistan, Czechia, Sri Lanka, and more.

This doesn’t mean that Super Smash is a new league, but it has witnessed some changes and expansions recently, most notably after introducing the Women’s Super Smash from the 2018/19 season onward.

Due to this and the noticeable popularity of the league, we wanted to give you a full detailed page where we’ll present you with all the latest Super Smash predictions. We’ll cover the matchups, weather conditions, key players, match predictions, schedules, some betting tips, and so much more.

With so much information in one place, we hope that you’ll have more than enough tips and knowledge that will help you make better and more lucrative bets.

Men’s Super Smash

The Men’s Super Smash was founded in 2005, the first season being the 2005/06 one. Since then, it’s been held every season, even though many of the key players sometimes do not participate because of the New Zealand international summer that occurs at the same time.


The names of the league have changed over the years for various reasons, including sponsorships as of late:


  • New Zealand Twenty20 Competition — 2005/06 season only
  • State Twenty20 — From 2006/07 season to 2008/09
  • HRV Cup — From 2009/10 to 2012/13
  • HRV Twenty20 — 2013/14 only
  • Georgie Pie — 2014/15 and 2015/16 (this change starts the sponsorship name period)
  • McDonald’s — 2016/17 only
  • Burger King — 2017/18 and 2018/19
  • Dream11 — From 2019/20 until 2026, when the sponsorship contract expires


The league currently has six teams in total. Here’s a list of all together with their wins and 2nd places (ending with the 2020/21 season):

    • Auckland Aces from Auckland — 4 wins and 4 second places
    • Wellington Firebirds from Wellington — 4 wins and 1 second place
    • Central Stags from the Central Districts — 3 wins and 3 second places
  • Otago Volts from Otago — 2 wins and 3 second places
  • Northern Brave from the Northern Districts — 2 wins and 2 second places
  • Canterbury Kings from Canterbury — 1 win and 3 second places


Super Smash is a long tournament, usually starting in December and ending in February. This, of course, changes depending on various circumstances, like the pandemic in the last two years. For instance, the 2021/22 season started on 26 November 2021 and will end on 29 January 2022.

The length comes mainly from the double round-robin format, meaning that every team plays against every other team twice. In other words, each team plays a total of ten matches.

After the group stage, the top three ranked teams advance to the playoffs. The second and the third-placed teams play against each other (the Preliminary Final), and the winner advances to the finals to compete against the first-ranked team. Naturally, the winner of the finals is the champion for the season. Wellington Firebirds won their fourth title in the 2020/21 season.

Super Smash News

If you want to start placing bets on Super Smash matches, you should keep up-to-date with the news. Why? For the simple reason that staying on top of the latest developments in the league and among the players will enable you to make better predictions.

With the latest news on what’s happening in Super Smash, you’ll be better prepared to place the right wagers with good odds that have a higher chance of passing. You’ll have the insights you need to find the types of bets that have the highest chances of passing in your favour.

That’s precisely why we’ll aim to keep you informed of the latest news concerning the league right in this section. Naturally, we’ll constantly review the area to remove older and no longer relevant news to punters. We’ll also double-check everything we post, so you can always get the correct information.

Super Smash Match Predictions

Many punters, even the experienced ones, want to check predictions from time to time, especially on matches they are unsure of. We advise you to do the same, which is why we’ll make sure to include the latest match predictions in this section.

Our team of experts with decades of betting experience in cricket will make sure the predictions are as good as they can be.

Naturally, you shouldn’t use the predictions as gospels, but you should use them as a helping hand for making better wagering decisions. They can be powerful insights into what might happen, especially if you are a complete beginner.

Match Details

In this section, we’ll give you the basics:


  • The teams getting ready to duke it out
  • The exact date and time of the match
  • The venue of the match
  • Updates if games are cancelled or postponed


You won’t even have to look for other places to find out about these details, as we always make sure to have it ready before or as soon as the bets become available.


In the preview section, we’ll provide the necessary info on the teams about to play. We’ll note their history within the league and the previous encounters they’ve had, especially if they’ve already played one game against each other in the current season.

For instance, the Wellington Firebirds and Canterbury Kings have already played a match this season, so you should be aware that the Firebirds have won by 27 runs and that they are already on a roll trying to defend their last year’s title.

You’ll also learn about the latest performance ratings on the players and the entire squad’s performance in the past few matches. With only six teams in the league, information like this will be essential for placing good wagers.

Pitch Report

As a fan of the sport, you already know that the state of the pitch is incredibly important. More so than in the majority of other sports. Some players fare better on specific pitch types, like batsmen playing better on flat ones.

Things like these point out that home pitch advantage is a significant factor in the match’s outcome. That’s why we’ll analyse the pitch and give you insights into how it will affect the teams.

Weather Conditions

Cricket is one of those sports where the weather conditions affect the game considerably. The weather changes can affect the ball speed, the pitch state, and even a team’s overall performance.

Some Indians might not be aware, but the Super Smash is played in the middle of New Zealand’s summer. This is during December, January, and February, i.e. India’s pre-winter and winter seasons.

In other words, the warm summer weather will make most matches quite pleasant for the players, but sudden changes can damage their performance.

Possible Playing XIs and Key Players

Of course, the main factors that determine the outcome of a match are not the pitch, the weather, nor the home terrain — it’s the line-ups and the players in them.

Naturally, this information will not be available way ahead of the match. Still, thanks to the previous matches and the current plans of the teams, we can be pretty close with our predictions on the starting XIs and the notable players that are likely to play.

We’ll always make sure to update the section if changes occur, so check the latest news and this part to know if changes that can affect your wagers have transpired.

Probable Winners

Of course, most casual punters want to know who the favourite is, so we always make sure to give our choice for the upcoming match. When placing an easy wager, just check this section for the likely winner of the game.

Best Super Smash Odds

Once you gather all the useful insights from the previous few sections, you are ready to place your wager(s). You’ll want to head over to a betting site, but as always, not all of them will feature the Super Smash League.

What’s more, they’ll likely have different odds of the ones that do. If you want to save time on research, you can simply check this section, as we’ll always recommend the best bookies with the most lucrative Super Smash odds.

Super Smash Schedule

A regular Super Smash season consists of 32 matches — 30 round-robin matches, the Preliminary Final, and the Finals. The same was true for the 2020/21 season, and it remains for the current 2021/22 season.

The pandemic hasn’t changed the format, and the full schedule is already here, but that doesn’t mean unfortunate and unexpected changes won’t happen. That’s why we advise you to check this section regularly, and we’ll do our part to update it as soon as we get the news of a schedule change.

Super Smash Scoreboard

If you cannot watch any Super Smash match live for whatever reason, you can still use this section to follow the live score. The scoreboard will show the current score, including stats that can help you place some lucrative live bets if that’s what you’re into.


Apr 25 19:30
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Odds updated Apr 21 21:23
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Odds updated Apr 21 21:23
Apr 26 19:30
Kolkata Knight Riders
Punjab Kings
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Kolkata Knight Riders
Odds updated Apr 21 23:39
Punjab Kings
Odds updated Apr 21 23:39
Apr 27 15:30
Delhi Capitals
Mumbai Indians
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Delhi Capitals
Odds updated Apr 24 23:22
Mumbai Indians
Odds updated Apr 24 23:22
Apr 27 19:30
Lucknow Super Giants
Rajasthan Royals
Winner (Incl. Super Over)
Lucknow Super Giants
Odds updated Apr 24 00:10
Rajasthan Royals
Odds updated Apr 24 00:10