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T10 League, or Abu Dhabi T10 League, is the world’s top T10 tournament. The competition resides in the United Arab Emirates, and thanks to the five-year agreement the league has signed with the Abu Dhabi government, the tournament is played at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.


It is the only 10-over cricket tournament sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC). T10 League also holds a licence from the Emirates Cricket Board, set to expire in five years.


The tournament was created by billionaire businessman Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk, under the patronage of his company T Ten Sports Management. This company gave the world T10 format cricket, the quickest form of the game yet.


The first edition of the competition took place in 2017, and in 2021, T10 League saw its fifth edition come to a successful end with Deccan Gladiators as champions. The fast-paced gameplay has proved to be quite popular among cricket fans. The games were watched by more than one million spectators from four different continents, and Indian viewers were among the most numerous.


The neck and neck matches and fierce rivalries in this blockbuster tournament make it appealing to Indian punters, and this page is designed for them. It will feature plenty of details and information regarding betting on T10 League, including predictions, team analysis, possible lineups, key players, and more.


Stay tuned to learn where and how to bet on T10 League and thus increase your chances of walking away with a win.

T10 League

T10 League, or Abu Dhabi T10 League, consists of six teams:


  • Bangla Tigers
  • Deccan Gladiators
  • Delhi Bulls
  • Northern Warriors
  • Team Abu Dhabi
  • Chennai Braves


Those six teams are set to play 29 games in the season, following a round-robin format. In the group stages, each team will play one home and one away game with every other team in the group. After the group stages, the competition culminates in semi-final games and the finals. All games are played in two weeks or so, which means you can count on two to three games being played per day. Such a tight schedule is perfect for all cricket betting enthusiasts who can enjoy a wealth of betting odds and markets each day.


The winners of the inaugural T10 League were Kerala Kings, while the most successful squad in the history of the competition is Northern Warriors, with two titles. The current winners are Deccan Gladiators, having won their maiden title.

T10 League News

There are no guarantees that your every bet on T10 League fixtures will be a success. However, your chances will increase dramatically if you gain some inside knowledge of the competition and the teams. Keeping track of the news from around the league is most important.


By staying in the loop with player transfers, injury reports, and other vital details, you will stand a better chance of placing a bet that is likely to come through instead of randomly choosing one just for the sake of it.


This particular section of the page is where you will gain access to all that information and more. We will make sure to keep the reports and news fresh and relevant. Also, we will double-check everything before posting, so you don’t have to worry about the truthfulness of the information on the page.

T10 League Match Predictions

Making credible forecasts for T10 League, especially before the kick-off, is no small feat. There are plenty of things to consider, starting with the state of the pitch, potential lineups, head to head stats, and much more. Taking all of this into consideration will demand a lot of time and concentration, which is why we have decided to help you out in that regard as well.


Our team of cricket experts who have been following T10 League since its inception is on your side. They will share details on everything that could affect the result of every match, plus extra information regarding each team’s track record and the chemistry within every squad.


Finally, they will post their predictions for all T10 League fixtures based on a meticulous analysis of various factors to help you maximise your chances of placing a winning bet.


Note that they can’t guarantee that every prediction will come to fruition, but the success rate our experts boast is more than commendable.

Match Details

We’ll always begin by giving you the information related to the upcoming match. Here, you’ll find details about the two teams ready to lock horns, where and when the game will take place, and other technical information. What’s more, should anything change at the last minute, we’ll make sure to post the updates as quickly as possible.


The preview section is dedicated to a deeper analysis of the teams going head to head. Here, you’ll find information about their previous encounters, the current form of key players and the entire squad, and more.


We will focus even more on potential rivalries brewing in the league. For example, Delhi Bulls are two-time runners up and are yet to claim the trophy. Both Northern Warriors and Deccan Gladiators bested them, so you know that they’ll be looking to redeem themselves next time around and deliver some payback.


For this type of information and more, make sure to tune in to the Preview section regularly.

Pitch Report

Sometimes, the pitch conditions can be the decisive factor in a cricket match, and this is one of the main reasons we have dedicated an entire section to the pitch report for all T10 League matches.


The Sheikh Zayed Stadium, the home of T10 League, has a lot of grassy areas, which typically favour the bowlers. As a grass-covered pitch, it has enough moisture in the ground, despite being in the city centre, so the team that gets to bowl first may have the upper hand.


All of these and similar details regarding the pitch will be available in this section, so you should check back to it frequently to stay in the loop.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Abu Dhabi significantly affect the cricket matches in T10 League, no question about it. First of all, this is a desert city, which is why the games are played in late November and December. Still, the temperatures can climb to 30 degrees Celsius even on those days, affecting the moisture of the pitch and changing everything.


This section is reserved for information related to weather conditions that can help you place a wager taking these details into account.

Probable Playing XIs and Key Players

There isn’t a punter out there who wouldn’t want to know which players will start an upcoming match and their current form. Knowing the potential lineup is crucial when making bets, such as who will be the game’s top bowler and many others.


Our experts will consider various factors and deliver their prognosis for the starting lineup for every T10 League fixture. Of course, this does not mean that last-minute changes are impossible — quite the contrary. Still, we will keep you posted on such changes right here.


Furthermore, our pundits will look at star players from all teams, such as Hazratullah Zazai from Bengal Tigers, who had the most runs in the entire league in the 2021 season, or Hasaranga from Deccan Gladiators, who had the most wickets.

Probable Winners

If you want to bet on the winner of any T10 League match, this section is just what you need. Here, you’ll learn about the favourites to win the games on the schedule and the reasons why they were selected.

Best T10 League Odds

Equipped with the inside knowledge from our page, you are more than ready to place wagers on T10 League contests. But first, you need to know which Indian betting sites offer the best odds and the most betting markets for all matches from T10 League. We have done the legwork for you and analysed all of these sites to bring only the best bookies.

T10 League Schedule

T10 League features 29 games played at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Since the entire tournament lasts around two weeks, up to three games can be played per day. The coronavirus pandemic in the UAE is kept in check, so it does not seem likely that games will be postponed or cancelled. If that happens, you will learn about those changes in this section, so make sure to check back to it regularly.

T10 League Scorecard

If you cannot watch the games live for any reason, we have got you covered. Our scoreboard section provides in-game stats for all live matches that extend beyond just the match score, so you can use these details when betting.


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