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Every punter following the Indian Premier League wants to get their hands on the latest predictions for an upcoming match. Plus, you can place numerous bets, meaning the chances that some of these predictions will turn out correct are pretty good. Every IPL season lasts for almost three months, with ten teams playing in a round-robin format plus the playoffs, leaving a lot of betting room for excited punters. What’s more, you can place a wager every single day. 

Naturally, you want your bets to pass, so you might be thinking about various prediction methods that might help. Astrology is one of them, and it’s been especially popular among IPL punters as of late. Many believe that reading stars can significantly impact their betting successes. But does it work, or is it all just unnecessary hype?

It’s not an easy question to answer, but we’ll still try to do it in this piece. So, keep reading to learn about astrology and its place in sports. We’ll explain how it works and whether or not it can be helpful for a regular cricket punter like you. 

Astrology in Sports — What Is It?

Sports astrology, and consequently cricket astrology, is a method for predicting the outcome in sports matches and competitions using astrology techniques and tools. That is, those with astrology experience can use their expertise and additional tools to make predictions for sporting events like the IPL games. In other words, just as they make predictions for events in life, they can do it for cricket players and their teams. 

Most astrologers who make predictions for the IPL and cricket matches tend to fuse two astrological methods known throughout the astrological world — Vedic and Western. 

Western astrology signs

Without getting into too many details, Vedic astrology is based on planetary and lunar movements, while the Western method only uses the date of birth to predict the life events of a specific person. The Western approach is relatively new, while Vedic astrology is a few thousand years old. 

Vedic astrology signs

Cricket astrologers and especially those dabbling with the Indian Premier League tend to fuse both as they predict the actual players within a team. They rarely focus on only the game to make a good prediction about its outcome. They use these two methods to predict what the players and the whole team will achieve. 

To be more specific, astrologers effectively make deductions on the chances of players and teams succeeding or failing. 

It’s hard to put it all into words as it’s a very complex practice, so explaining the minute details would take ages. Suffice it to say that only experienced astrologers can make these predictions, while others are probably trying to scam you without doing much at all and simply making blatant guesses. 

But can experienced astrologers actually make accurate predictions?

Can Reading the Stars Affect the Game’s Outcome?

It’s the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, there’s no real answer here, as it all depends on how you look at betting. Many punters believe that betting is all about luck, while others believe that only careful analysis of players’ and teams’ past successes and failures can help you make accurate predictions. 

However, some people believe that a bit of luck, a bit of magic, and careful analysis represent a recipe for success.

Naturally, there is no proof that such an opinion is valid, as we can’t say for sure that astrology or luck actually work. Some people believe in astrology, and that’s more than enough for them. This is something we can say about any prediction method in the world of cricket. They all sometimes pay off and sometimes don’t. It’s all about which one you believe in the most, and if astrology is what you believe in, you should use it. 

But remember this — astrology doesn’t always work, and that’s the only thing we can say for certain. You should never think otherwise, and you shouldn’t let anyone sell you the idea that it’s foolproof or near foolproof. If an astrologer tells you they know the next IPL champion or the name of the next the Man of the Match player, don’t believe them. 

If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll lose money in vain. It’s better to deal with a more experienced astrologer. However, if you want to rely on astrology, you should invest only in smaller funds. It will help you stay on the safe side, and you won’t lose too much if you lose the bets.

But that’s not all you can do. You can also go for other prediction methods. 

Cricket Predictions by Expert Punters

Cricket predictions from experts are valuable things that can help you even more than astrology. We are talking about predictions made by betting experts and fans of the sport. Crictips has such a team, and our analysts and experts make predictions based on statistics, past successes and failures, with the help of prediction tools known to be very effective in specific situations.

What’s more, Crictips offers these predictions entirely for free, so there’s no reason to worry about spending money on predictions you don’t know will come true. 

All predictions are made based on careful analysis of all factors that influence the outcome of a game. This includes statistics, historical results of the teams, probable XIs of teams, key players, injuries, weather and pitch conditions, and more.

With careful analysis, you know that the predictions will be correct more often than not. So, take a look at to see if these predictions are something you need for your IPL betting ventures. 

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