Nothing can beat the excitement and thrill of placing a bet on IPL, Ashes Series, T20 World Cup, and other top-tier cricket matches. Watching the best bowlers, batsmen, and all-rounders do their magic on the pitch can be quite intoxicating for true fans. Indian punters are no strangers to betting on cricket, but you can always find some new bettors yet to place their first cricket bets. If you identify as one, you will benefit greatly from the following tips and crickets our experts at Crictips have in store for you. To boost your chances of success when betting on cricket, read on!  

5. Master the Betting Markets 

Before placing your first bet on cricket, you should learn about the available betting markets. Namely, cricket is packed to the brim with different bet types that extend well beyond the standard ones, such as choosing the match-winner or the entire series or league champion. 

Match bets such as the outright winner of the fixture, tied match, double chance, or others belong to the group of the most widely placed wagers on cricket. However, it is the proposition bets that make cricket betting so entertaining. You can bet on the coin toss, the exact score of the match, the score of the first innings, the top batsman and bowler of the match, the number of wickets a bowler will have, and a great many other bats. 

Learning about which bets are good for pre-game wagering and which apply to live betting is crucial. Live wagering demands that you make decisions about bets instantly so you can benefit from the changing odds and lines as the match unfolds and become familiar with the betting options you can take advantage of. 

4. Be Thorough With Your Research 

Conducting proper match research before placing a bet is one of the most important tips. Say you want to bet on the match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians of the IPL. It goes without saying that it is one of the greatest rivalries in the competition and that the match can go either way, no matter where it is played. 

Still, you should factor in some things when betting on such a match. Your research should begin with looking at the current stats of both teams to gauge their form. Then, look at the head-to-head stats to reveal how both teams’ past couple of encounters have ended and get an idea of how the next match could play out. 

Looking at the stats is just one part of doing proper research. Information such as the weather and pitch conditions, but also team chemistry and similar info can help you place a bet with the biggest chances of success. 

3. Shop For the Best Odds and Bookmakers 

Once you’ve made up your mind and chosen the match and type of bet you want to place, it’s time to decide on the bookmaker. Selecting the right bookmaker is a crucial task for cricket wagering. To do so, you must first shop for odds. In other words, you need to do a cross-reference check of all available bookmakers for the particular fixtures you want to bet on to see which operator offers the most generous odds. 

Naturally, you should include a couple of more features in your decision-making process besides the betting markets and odds. We are talking about bonuses and promotions. Most sports betting sites offer free bets, deposit match deals, enhanced odds, and other promotions to attract new customers. Frequently, those promotions are cricket-based, so consider these bookies with price boosts for IPL matches. 

Next, you should note the payment methods the site offers. You want to opt for a site that supports transactions in UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, cryptocurrencies, PhonePe, and other banking methods you prefer using. 

You should also note the bookmaker’s customer support team and the availability of a native mobile app or an optimised mobile web browser version. No matter how good the site is, occasional glitches and freezes are to be expected, so you want to find one with resourceful customer support, preferably those available round the clock. Additionally, Indian punters rely on mobile devices to place their bets on the go, so the operator’s proprietary mobile apps for Android and iOS devices is a huge plus. 

2. Consult Sites With Cricket Betting Tips 

Doing your own research of cricket betting sites, their odds, and the matches themselves can be really strenuous and time-consuming. The solution in this situation is to consult sites such as Cricktips that offer free and reliable tips for cricket betting. 

Our experts analyze various aspects of every cricket match, including those mentioned earlier. What’s more, they do a thorough analysis of all bookmakers to deliver a list of the ones with the best odds and betting options. 

1. Bet Responsibly 

It is important to note that betting on cricket is supposed to be fun and entertaining rather than a source of income. Some players get ahead of themselves and get in harm’s way by betting more than they can afford to lose. Remember to always gamble responsibly and within your limits. No amount of cricket tips can help you if you lose control of your betting habits, so make sure never to chase your losses and always stay in control. 

Final Words 

Predicting a cricket match’s outcome is not easy because it takes a lot of effort and game-related knowledge. But it is not impossible. The tips we have shared here today can help you stay on the right track and lead to more betting success. However, you need to understand that there are no guarantees. Even the most detailed research, stats analysis, and other factors cannot manifest the results you want, which is what makes sports betting so exciting. Always bet with your head and never above it, and you will experience all the best cricket betting has to offer.  

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