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As most punters would agree, the best cricket prediction sites are the ones that help you win your bets. Unfortunately, the situation is never as clear-cut as that since it’s impossible to give a 100% correct prognosis. If it were, betting wouldn’t be a thing!

However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying to find the most reliable website out there. Mind you, though — for it to be worth your attention, a cricket prediction site needs to fulfil a list of requirements. 

So, let’s take a closer look at all the things that make a cricket prediction site top-of-the-line in the niche. We’ll tell you all you need to know so that you can identify the most reliable websites on your own. Let’s begin!

Coverage of All Major Cricket Leagues

It’s not all about the accuracy of the predictions — it’s also about the projections themselves. More specifically, it’s about their number. After all, the accuracy won’t mean much unless you get enough suggestions for the leagues you want to bet on. 

That’s why the best site must provide cricket predictions for as many major international test games and leagues as possible. 

By these, we mean the T20i, T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, as well as tests like India vs Australia, India vs England, New Zealand vs Australia, Pakistan vs South Africa, and many others. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. 

The prediction site will provide you with a list of the leagues, tests, and tournaments it covers. So, if you can’t find the ones you are after, then it certainly isn’t the best site for you.

Expertise of the Team Behind the Site

As a good punter, you certainly know that you have to focus on the game, matches, teams, players, and many more aspects if you want to become better at making wagers. The same goes for the team of experts on a cricket prediction platform. After all, the predictions can’t possibly be as reliable as they should be without the expertise of the people making them.

Consequently, the leading cricket prediction sites always have a large team behind them that consists of various people, including experienced punters, cricket experts, and others. They employ their knowledge and research skills to come up with successful predictions most of the time.

But that’s not all. These sites also have people who consult others and check opinions that don’t necessarily match their own. It helps them make fewer mistakes, see things from another perspective, and find even more valuable insights. 

In the end, they always make sure to use various tools, including algorithms and programs like WASP, a popular and very accurate cricket calculation tool. 

Once you’ve taken all this into consideration, you can be confident that a prediction site is at the top of its game.

Free Cricket Predictions

No matter how reliable its cricket predictions are, no website should charge you for its services. In fact, we advise you to pass on any site that requires you to make regular payments in exchange for predictions because the best ones in the industry don’t usually rely on such profits. 

Quite the contrary — the top sites make money in other ways while offering their predictions for free. That way, every punter or cricket fan gets the chance to read their match analyses, tips, previews, and prognoses. 

Trustworthy sites are there to help you, not make money off of you, which is precisely why they make their predictions publicly available and why you can rely on them. 

Taking Every Important Factor Into Account

The top sites don’t just make predictions out of the blue. Instead, they use the knowledge and expertise of their team members to analyse a match as comprehensively as possible. 

To do that, they take several things into account:

  • Basic match details
  • Starting XIs of the teams playing
  • Key players who typically have more influence on the outcome of the game than others
  • History of the teams’ previous encounters
  • Past successes and failures of the teams in the current season
  • Trends set by the bookmakers
  • Team rosters and player injuries

After studying these aspects thoroughly, they also offer their comprehensive analyses to their readers. That way, you can make your own predictions based on all crucial data that you would otherwise have to look for on your own. 

Naturally, the site will still give you its own predictions. However, the point is that you will still have the freedom to make your own choice — whether you want to make a bet on your own or follow the site’s advice. It’s always up to you, which is why the leading sites make sure they are only your helping tools in these ventures. 

In the end, the top cricket prediction sites will also offer you the best bet and the value bet for every match they analyse. The best bet is always the one that’s the most likely to go through, while the value bet is the one that has impressive odds that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Top Cricket Prediction Site on the Web 

Crictips fits the picture painted here perfectly. It offers everything you need to be able to make the most successful betting slips. With the knowledge you have and our expert free tips, you’re bound to be at the top of your game.

Crictips even lists some of the best cricket betting sites Indians can join, so all you need to do is choose one, sign up, and start using our predictions to make your wagers. Of course, we can’t promise you’ll win every time, but we can assure you you’ll win more frequently than ever before. 

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