The IPL is the biggest and best domestic Twenty20 cricket competition in the world. It brings together stars of the game, such as Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Ben Stokes and David Warner, from all over the world. 

The dynamic tournament, which started in 2008, has become a focal point of the calendar year, and the competition presents a tremendous range of IPL betting opportunities. 

The hard-hitting, fast-scoring play brings its thrills and spills, tension and drama to cricket fans. From outright tournament bets to pre-match and in-play options, here we explore some of the best ways to bet on IPL cricket. Our guide to IPL cricket betting will help you get to know the basics, how to bet on the IPL online, and what to bet on. 

The basics of IPL betting

The well-established T20 cricket format has been delighting cricket fans, new and old, since the early 2000s. The revolutionary format dragged the sport a long way from its more traditional set-up of long, five-day Test Matches and One Day Internationals to a dynamic slog-fest.

A Twenty20 cricket match is entirely done and dusted in around three hours. In that time, fans can delight in seeing batsmen throw caution to the wind. It’s a brilliant, engaging form of cricket, and it has also become a good fit for sports betting. 

The IPL, featuring teams such as the Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Mumbai Indians, has been the driving force behind the shorter format of the game. It’s headline-grabbing stuff, and the popularity of IPL betting has grown along with the status of the competition.

Getting started with IPL betting

To bet on IPL for the first time, it’s advisable to keep things simple. The basic markets seen at online sportsbooks are those focused on the outcomes of individual matches and long-term selections of which team will be crowned IPL winners. 

The great thing about IPL betting is that it doesn’t have to get much more complicated than that. An individual match has three outcomes to consider: a win for either team or an unlikely draw. The IPL Winner is a selection from one of 10 teams.

The overall picture of IPL betting does go a lot deeper, but sticking to basics will allow new punters to enter the world of IPL betting in a straightforward manner. Like any good batsman at the crease, you will want a little time to get settled in.

Odds basics of IPL betting

When sticking to the basic markets to bet on IPL cricket, it’s good to have some basic knowledge about the odds. Part of any cricket betting is trying to find some kind of value in the selections you make. 

It’s not just about picking every home team favourite. They generally come with unfavourable odds-on prices. An odds-on quote in IPL betting such as 1/2 means that for every 2 units of stake that you bet, you will get 1 back.

If it’s the top team playing the bottom team in the standings, then the favourite could be unapproachable odds of something like 1/3 to win the match. This means that for every 3 units of stake, you will win only 1 back.

Therefore, continuously backing only heavy odds-on favourites doesn’t necessarily make for good betting practice. Losses will still happen. The probability of the bets on favourites winning is better than consistently backing underdogs. However, the risk of the bet losing still has to be taken into consideration. 

Where to look

The even money line to bet on IPL is a good place to start. As a beginner to IPL betting, it’s best not to venture too far from this in match outright odds. Anything around the 1/1 quote offers a decent odds value on a three-way market, as it represents a 50% implied probability of a particular outcome happening. 

It could be options such as 10/11 or 5/4, but this isn’t venturing too far into risky bet realms like a 3/1 option would be. Take a moment to understand the basic mechanics of odds. They are vitally important and should determine whether you back a selection or not. The odds to bet on IPL selections need to pair up with your stats.

Do you need the stats?

There are so many stats within cricket, and fortunately they are very easy to find on the internet. You need the stats for your IPL betting. You need to look at things such as form, team news, and some good strong IPL tips to help you along.

You can go down deep rabbit holes for cricket stats, but again, for anyone fairly new looking at how to bet on the IPL online, playing the simple strokes is the best option. If you are focusing on match outcomes for your cricket betting, look at current team form, previous head-to-head records, and basic batsman and bowler records.

What IPL form can tell you

The basic IPL form will let you see which teams are in decent shape at the moment, or are struggling for any winning momentum. It could also highlight trends, such as the Punjab Kings having a strong record at a certain ground.

For a little deeper research, you can look at player stats for the IPL to see which batsmen have been scoring freely recently. A team in good form will likely have a couple of big hitters near the top of the scoring charts, and the same with bowlers.

As for head-to-head records, they are worth a look, but they don’t tell the whole story. That’s because they can’t take into consideration the playing conditions or the team line-ups of the current meeting. 

Absorb as much IPL cricket news as you can. Reading about a bowler who may have a slight elbow problem, or a team’s planned shake-up of the opening batsmen, could be key pieces of information. 

Read IPL predictions for further insights. These are usually formed by statistics, and there are plenty of excellent free ones around. You don’t have to just follow what a cricket betting tip says, as you can assess the information to help formulate your bets.

How to bet on the IPL online

At the end of the day, to bet on IPL cricket, you want to gain a deep understanding of things. You want to be able to spot some good-value bets on the latest IPL markets, based on insights from CricTips. Teams have their match-day plans, so make sure that you also have yours.

The more that you get into IPL cricket betting, the further you can push on to alternative IPL future markets such as the season’s MVP, the Maximum Sixes Award, the Orange Cap for the season’s top run-scorer, or Purple Cap for the season’s leading wicket-taker.

For individual IPL matches, there are options such as the top batsman and top bowler picks, winning margins, total boundaries, and score-related IPL betting options. 

Live IPL betting markets will also be in-play throughout the season. This is where market options are based on the current state of play within a match. It’s a dynamic form of betting, but one where people can get very emotionally invested and make unplanned bets. Betting requires a calm focus.

The steady approach

Learn how to bet on the IPL online in live betting with a calculated head, not a passionate heart. There’s plenty to explore to bet on IPL cricket throughout the season. Get yourself settled into the swing of things and gradually explore more markets and cricket betting options as you build your knowledge.

Find yourself a highly recommended cricket site for your IPL bets. A reputable bookmaker will give you online security, plus good odds and all the market coverage that you will need. It is a good idea to use a mobile betting app, as you can watch and bet on an IPL cricket match conveniently.

The best IPL betting will also come from the sites that give players plenty of bonuses and promotions. Look for enhanced odds on cricket betting selections and any free bet opportunities. 

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