There was high drama in the cricket field on the third day of the Vizag Test between Ravichandran Ashwin and England’s Jonny Bairstow as emotions ran high. It was the out signal from the umpire that did the trick after Jasprit Bumrah’s delivery hit Bairstow on the pads. It had been a crucial wicket in that regard, considering how it raised India’s hope for squaring the series more so following their narrow defeat in the first Hyderabad Test.

Prior to that pivotal moment, Ashwin had made a show of his bowling skills on the way to picking his 498th and 499th Test wickets in Ollie Pope and Joe Root. The heat of the game carried away Ashwin, who exchanged words with Bairstow. Things took another spicy turn after some thought when Bairstow finally called for a review.

Cricket’s Emotional Showdown: Ashwin vs. Bairstow Drama Unfolds in Vizag Test

The luck was that the review only favored the on-field decision that Bumrah’s delivery had just kissed the stumps. So despite the sullen expression on Bairstow’s face, the on-field pictures, at least, signaled some fierce competition and determination on both the sides. And, as India were looking to redeem themselves on their own soil, the story around Ashwin-Bairstow was just apt to add some spice to the narrative that was developing.

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