Young pacer Mayank Yadav from Lucknow Super Giants has experienced a whirlwind 2024 IPL season. Initially, he impressed everyone with his fast bowling, clocking speeds over 150 kilometers per hour and earning Player of the Match in his first two games. However, his momentum was halted during his third match when an injury forced him off the field after just one over, sidelining him for a week and sparking debates about his durability.

While initially celebrated as India’s next big cricket star, Mayank’s fitness has now become a topic of concern among fans and experts. Amidst this scrutiny, former Indian fast bowler Atul Wassan offered a perspective on the situation.

Atul Wassan Cautions Against Premature Hype for Young Pacer Mayank Yadav in IPL 2024

Speaking with a media outlet, Wassan critiqued the tendency among Indian cricket followers to hype young talents prematurely. He argued that physical attributes like height, weight, and robustness are crucial for a fast bowler’s longevity and effectiveness.

Wassan referenced the career of Varun Aaron as a cautionary tale, noting similarities with Mayank’s situation. He recalled how quick judgments and high expectations can sometimes lead to undue pressure and career setbacks, as seen with Aaron. Wassan mentioned Kapil Dev as an example of a pace bowler who managed expectations wisely, cautioning against the excessive hype that can both elevate and prematurely derail young talents.

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