The cricketing world is once again questioning Babar Azam’s captaincy as Pakistan suffered a stunning defeat to the USA in the T20 World Cup 2024. This latest loss adds to a string of unexpected defeats under his leadership, including losses to Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, New Zealand’s second team, and Ireland. As fans and critics alike express their disappointment, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to analyze Babar Azam’s tenure as captain.

The Growing List of Disappointments

1. Loss to Zimbabwe

One of the earliest signs of trouble was Pakistan’s defeat to Zimbabwe, a team considered to be underdogs. This loss was a significant blow to the team’s morale and raised initial concerns about Babar’s ability to lead effectively under pressure.

2. Defeat by Afghanistan

The defeat to Afghanistan was another major upset. Afghanistan, while a rising force in international cricket, was not expected to overcome a team with Pakistan’s pedigree. This match exposed tactical flaws and raised questions about team strategy and player utilization under Babar’s captaincy.

3. Loss to New Zealand’s Second Team

Losing to New Zealand’s second-string team added another dent to Babar Azam’s record. It highlighted issues with consistency and the ability to perform against teams that, on paper, should be easier to beat.

4. Defeat to Ireland

The loss to Ireland was particularly painful for Pakistani fans. Ireland, known for occasional upsets, managed to outplay Pakistan, adding another chapter to the list of unexpected defeats. This match brought forward debates about player selection and on-field decision-making.

5. Latest Shock: Defeat to USA

The most recent and perhaps most shocking defeat came at the hands of the USA in the T20 World Cup 2024. Despite being favorites, Pakistan under Babar’s leadership faltered in a super over, raising serious concerns about the team’s mental toughness and preparation.

Analysis of Babar Azam’s Captaincy

Babar Azam, a world-class batsman, has faced scrutiny over his captaincy skills. While his individual performance with the bat has been commendable, his ability to lead the team to victory consistently is being questioned.

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