Australia’s BBL is one of the most-watched cricket leagues in the world. With every season its viewership of BBL is increasing every year. Season 11 of the Big Bash League is already on its way and already making headlines. The players this year are all set to make their impact in the tournament.

BBL has its own twist and turns and that is because of its pace. This Australian League is a good blend of experienced and young players. Players like Tanveer Sangha or Mujeeb Ur Rehman play against or with experienced names like Adam Zampa or Andrew Tye.

This brilliant combination is mostly not available in other leagues of different countries. In India, the Indian Premier League is more dominated by young players from India who are looking forward to a bright future. In BBL, Australian and English cricketers are mostly signed to it and they take the responsibility to entertain their fans.

There are 4 major rules which are introduced in BBL season 11 to make the league more exciting. Check out our explanation of all the new four rules and how they will impact the Big Bash score.

1) Timed-Out Rule in BBL 11

A new rule is introduced in the 2021-22 season of BBL which is called as Timed-Out. This is already a rule at the international level of cricket but BBL authorities have introduced this extra rule to make things interesting. The rule says that a batsman who is making his way from the pavilion to the pitch should reach the crease in 60 seconds. The batsman should be all set to face the next delivery. If the team is not following the rule should face a penalty. If the batsman is not able to do so, the bowler is free to bowl the delivery and the batsman won’t be allowed to interrupt. In case the bowl hits the stump, the batsman will be considered out. The introduction of the rule has some mixed reactions but fans do agree that spending up on the game is important.

BBL 2021-22: New Rules in BBL Season 11

BBL 2021-22: New Rules in BBL Season 11

2) Power Surge

Law of Power Surge allows any team to introduce power play for the second time in the match. This power play is just for two overs where the fielding side can only have two fielders outside of the 30-yard fielding circle. It means that if any team on which the power play has been imposed will have 9 players in the inner circle. The batting side can call for the Power Surge at any point from the 11th over onwards. The decision to impose the power play should be taken at the beginning of the over sp that the fielding side can set the fielding accordingly.

3) X-Factor Player

BBL 2021-22: New Rules in BBL Season 11

BBL 2021-22: New Rules in BBL Season 11

The X-Factor Player is a rule which con have a major impact on online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees. It allows a substitute to take part in the game. Teams will have to mention their 12th and 13th player besides their playing 11 which will be taking part in the match. The substitute player can be introduced after the 11th over. Only one substitute player is allowed, no team can introduce both the players as substitutes. The substitution depends on two things. Firstly, the player replaced can not have already batted and secondly, the player replaced must not have bowled more than one over.

4) Bash Boost Rule in BBL 11

Bash Boost is a rule which benefits a team that is playing exceptionally well by the end of the tenth over. After the tenth over a bonus point is given to the team who is performing well till the tenth over. The bonus point is calculated after the completion of the 10th over of the second innings. The scores of both the teams are compared and the bonus point is given to the team with a good performance. This rule has received some mixed reactions but BBL management is still going ahead with the rule. Get free cricket tips in here.


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