Cricket Betting Tips: The rise of the internet and smartphones have changed the way we shop, interact and live, so much so that it is difficult to remember what life was like 20 years ago.

Another result of the digital age is the rise of the betting industry. Long gone are the days when you had to travel to physical betting stores to place a bet. Now, you can place a bet in the palm of your hand, either before or during cricket matches. Looking for more Cricket session tips for free and Match predictions? Read more here.

Such access provides both the opportunity to win quickly, but there is also the possibility of losing quickly. Betting can be a way to have some extra fun when watching cricket, but if you’re betting without being informed, it can be a stressful experience.

So, here are five key tips to place better bets to increase your chances of winning.

5 Tips to Place Better Bets in Cricket Betting

1. Know your stuff

This may sound obvious, but cricket stats, numbers, and matchups are so in-depth that it pays to take the time to do the necessary research.

Researching previous head-to-head matches between teams, individual records, and player statistics puts you in a better position to make a call. Also, make sure you are confident about the pitch conditions and how a surface usually plays at a particular ground.

For example, does a certain player or team often fare well against a certain opponent? Or at a certain ground?

You can go one step further. Websites like offer information on individual battles between players. Also, you can research how a certain player performs against different bowling types such as right-arm pace or leg-spin.

This doesn’t mean you can’t rely on your gut feel to an extent, but the more you are informed you are, the better betting decisions you are bound to make.

2. Choose your matches carefully

The rise of T20 leagues has resulted in more cricket around the world than ever before. With that comes a number of matches to bet on, often with multiple games occurring on the same day.

As it can be difficult to follow all the matches closely, it’s important to be selective with the games you choose to bet on. Never rely only on past scorecards to bet on future matches, as it is impossible to understand the patterns of a match. Ensure you bet on matches where you understand the teams well, including the matchups, head-to-head stats, and pitch conditions.

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3. Be clear on your options

There are so many betting options when it comes to cricket. From head-to-head bets to runs in the next over to how many runs a certain player will score, you have a plethora of markets to choose from.

While this could be an opportunity, it could also be overwhelming, particularly if you rely only on your gut feelings when making a decision. Be clear on the markets you are most confident in and focus on those. As time goes on and you are more informed as per point one, you can have a go at different options.

4. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Who doesn’t love a bonus? Keep an eye out for promotions from different betting companies, especially during the Indian Premier League.

Leading providers such as 1xbet, Pari Match, and 10cric provide welcome offers and regular promotions. These help to minimize your losses whilst enjoying betting on the action.

To find out more, check out CricTips’s guide to betting apps here.

5. Be careful when chasing your losses

If you try to chase any losses you have, chances are you won’t make informed judgments, but rather decisions based on emotion.

Losses are part of betting. However, how you respond is crucial to individual wellbeing. Be sure to plan and track your finances. If you feel you are at risk of addiction, there is help out there. Cricket Betting should be something you can enjoy and not be a cause of harm.

By keeping these five tips in mind, you can place better bets and increase your chances of winning.

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