ENG VS NZ: Newly appointed leader of the team, Ben Stokes admired Ben Foakes for his wicket-keeping skills. He has even been considered the best wicketkeeper in the world in the current era. During the first test match between English men and Kiwis, the English wicketkeeper showcased excellent skills. Ben Foakes did not miss any such chances whenever a Kiwi batter had created a chance. Want to bet on cricket on the move? Discover India’s best-betting sites here on our site.

It was great to see the man behind the wickets was putting lots of confidence in his teammates. Not only with the keeping skills but also the proper-handed batter has played a match-winning partnership. His partnership with the former captain Joe Root has resulted in England a precious win in a red-ball contest after a long time.


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During the second inning, Ben Foakes had played a 32 runs knocks batting along with Joe Root. The Kiwi bowler had been bowling at him in a very disciplined manner but Foakes did not break his focus from his batting. And at the end of the overall team effort, England had finally won a test match. With the victory, England started a new era in their red-ball cricket.

ENG VS NZ: English Captain Praises The Wicket Keeper

ENG VS NZ: Ben Stokes Praises The English Wicket Keeper Ben Foakes
ENG VS NZ: Ben Stokes Praises The English Wicket Keeper Ben Foakes

“We’re not in the position to not select world-class players at the moment. Ben (Foakes) is the best wicketkeeper in the world. That’s not just my own opinion, that’s a lot of people’s opinions. Batting at seven, which he does for England, is different from the role that he plays for Surrey because he bats higher up,”

Stokes was quoted as saying by mirror.co.uk.

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Ben Stokes continued by saying that the last 45 minutes of the match were the most vital portion. And in this crucial Ben Foakes had handled the situation very well. Moreover, Stokes had also mentioned that the wicket-keeper had converted some difficult catches into easy ones. Although the catches were not easy Ben Foakes made them look it easy catches. For that having such a capable person wickets always input from his side.

Ben Stokes had also added that Ben Foakes gives him a lot of confidence and he always motivates the bowlers from behind wickets. Nine out of ten times he will take what is coming toward him. Talking about the match, it was a great victory English side. They were suffering from a bad patch in red-ball cricket and this victory will motivate the entire team and management. After registering victory in the iconic Lord’s, the England team will be heading to Nottingham for the second test match of the series.

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