ENG VS SA: There were lots of talks when the South African opener announced his retirement from Test Cricket from nowhere. But now Quinton de Kock claims that he has no to regret what decision he has taken for the longest format. Although his decision to play in franchise cricket has left a void in his schedule. Remark, de Kock left test cricket at the end of the last year when South Africa was taking over Team India. Bet online by checking more trusted betting sites in India for the upcoming match here on our site.

He took this decision just before he was blessed with his first child. At that time, Quinton de Kock mentioned that he wants to give more time to his family. And added that his dream has not yet materialized. Recently when de Kock appeared for a press conference, he said that it has not freed up his calendar. Especially this year, he has a tight schedule. He added more than he was busy in a couple of leagues but that was all his consequence.

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Further, he said that although it is still a sacrifice he is happy to do it. And he is releasing that he is getting to an age where he needs to decide on his career. Before the series against Bangladesh, Quinton de Kock had two months’ rest. He is currently playing against England side. After that, he will appear in The Hundred and then he will join his CPL side. In between this, there will be also a white-ball series against India and T20 World Cup. Earlier, he had played all the IPL matches from the Lucknow Super Giants’ side. And then he also played the T20I series against India.

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ENG VS SA: Quinton de Kock on His Future

ENG VS SA: de Kock Gives His Comment On All Format Player Concept
ENG VS SA: de Kock Gives His Comment On All Format Player Concept

“It’s going to start being tough for players – three formats is a lot and it looks like more games are happening over the calendar. Players need to make decisions individually and if they feel they can do it [play all three formats], I am happy for them. But guys need to take decisions into their own hands. For me, I am happy where I am. I want to say we need to play more games but I don’t see where” 

he said

Then he talked about the uncertainty of ODI cricket in near future. He said that the game is doing well for itself. The players are playing it with a full competitive attitude which is making it more exciting. He added that ODI cricket still has its future as many teams still want to win 50-over World Cup. And many players want to play this format.

After that, he gave a general mindset of a player. He said when a player is young he has the energy which allows him to play three formats. And by doing this he gets certain things done in his career. But things get in another direction when age comes in the line. With the age, the athletic body also does not cooperate like it used to. And then a player needs to manage his career by choosing the correct direction.

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