In the build-up to the eagerly anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season, Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Faf du Plessis has shared some light-hearted insights into his personal relationship with teammate Virat Kohli. Known for their on-field exploits, both du Plessis and Kohli seem to share a connection that extends beyond the boundary ropes.

We both love food and we both really into our fashion that another things we spend a lot of time talking about. The way we dress the way we wear style of clothes, we will send each other pictures of outfits. He has been a terrible influence on me when it comes to watches but he got real passion for watches.

Faf Du Plessis, to Star Sports

The two cricket stars bond over a variety of interests, including clothes, food, and fitness, but it’s their mutual appreciation for luxury timepieces that stands out, with Kohli’s tastes apparently leading du Plessis astray in the world of horology.

Time for focus

As they prepare to launch RCB’s campaign against the Chennai Super Kings on March 22 in Chepauk, both players will be critical to their team’s fortunes. After their impressive performances in the previous season, expectations are high. Du Plessis was the second-leading run-scorer in IPL 2023, amassing a whopping 730 runs, while Kohli himself was not far behind, scoring 639 runs, which included two standout centuries.

Besides their camaraderie off the field, Du Plessis highlighted the infectious energy that Kohli brings to the crease. He lauded Kohli’s ability to uplift the team with his dynamism and has also praised his leadership skills, which have been a cornerstone for RCB in past tournaments.

It’s unbelievable batting with him. He is one of the favourite guys I like to bat with. He brings out so much energy in me, like sometimes, I feel I am fist bumping my glove though his hand because he gets so passionate being out there in the middle.

Faf Du Plessis, to Star Sports

Despite their batting heroics in the IPL 2023, RCB concluded their campaign in sixth place on the points table. This season, with the combined might of Du Plessis and Kohli, RCB fans will be hoping that their partnership extends its influence to the rest of the team, potentially leading to a much-coveted IPL trophy.

As the clock ticks down to the start of the IPL 2024, the duo’s synergy will be pivotal for RCB’s aspirations. The impact of Kohli’s ‘terrible influence,’ however, will likely be a charming anecdote in the storied timeline of both players’ careers, as they continue to chart their legacy in cricket’s most exuberant format.

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