As the Indian Premier League (IPL) gears up to set the stage for cricket’s most exhilarating faces, focus sharpens on the Delhi Capitals’ talismanic captain, Rishabh Pant, who’s set to make a gripping comeback post a significant hiatus due to a knee injury. Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar weighs in on the expectations and challenges ahead for the young wicketkeeper-batsman.

Pant, who survived a horrendous car crash in December 2022, is approaching the end of over 14 months of a grueling rehabilitation process. While supporters and cricket enthusiasts eagerly await his return to the pitch, Indian cricketing great, Sunil Gavaskar, has shed light on the potential struggle that lies ahead for Pant to regain his fluency with the bat.

It’ll be very difficult. But the good thing is he has played some cricket. So he has got some practice. To get fluency in batting is a little tough.

Sunil Gavaskar, talking to Star Sports

Gavaskar elucidated the importance of the knee in the mechanics of batting, citing the pivot action crucial for stroke-play. In assessing Pant’s forthcoming performance, Gavaskar remarked that Pant’s prowess at the crease might not mirror his usual brilliance from the get-go due to this injury. The batting maestro opined that as Pant begins to spend more time in the crease, engaging in match situations, the reaction of his knees might progressively improve, fostering his return to top form.

When you talk of a knee injury, the pivoting that takes place. Wicket-keeping is difficult as well, but even in batting, the knee is quite important. So, maybe, in the beginning, we won’t see the real Rishabh Pant that we are used to.

Sunil Gavaskar, talking to Star Sports

Known for adding a vibrant dimension to the field with his antics and banter, Pant’s entertaining disposition does not go unnoticed, with Gavaskar praising his chatty nature that contributes significantly to the entertainment quotient of matches. Beyond providing spectators with comical relief, Gavaskar highlighted another tactical weapon in Pant’s arsenal: the ability to unsettle opponents with his words, which can lead to lapses in their concentration and tilt the advantage towards Pant’s team.

As anticipation builds, the cricket community and fans of the Delhi Capitals will closely monitor Pant’s strides toward regaining his form. With eyes also on Gill’s captaincy, the upcoming IPL promises a riveting concoction of cricketing narratives and heart-stopping performances.

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