Greenpanel, a renowned Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) company, is hitting a sixer in branding by continuing its partnership with the Indian Premier League’s Delhi Capitals as the team’s principal sponsor for the 2024 season. This marks the second successive year that Greenpanel has associated with the prestigious cricket franchise, underscoring their potent collaboration.

The thrill of cricket and the strategy of brand marketing come together as Greenpanel aims to leverage the IPL’s massive viewership to enhance its visibility and capture the audience’s attention. From the player’s jerseys flaunting the Greenpanel brand to marketing initiatives that are both innovative and engaging, the company is adopting a full-scale marketing approach to boost its prominence.

Greenpanel’s tactical game plan involves a mix of Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL), and digital marketing initiatives. The company has planned an array of activities including striking TV campaigns, on-ground visibility during matches, active social media engagement, and performance marketing to ensure it connects with its audience on multiple platforms.

The brand is also set to make a significant impression during the Delhi Capitals‘ home games by showcasing their branding across the stadium and setting up interactive stalls. These stalls will not only enhance the match-day experience for fans but also offer them a chance to win exclusive Delhi Capitals merchandise—a treat for enthusiasts rooting for their preferred team.

Further tapping into the digital realm, Greenpanel is planning digital contests that cricket fans can participate in for a shot at winning team merchandise. These contests, alongside co-created content with the Delhi Capitals and IPL-specific social media campaigns, are tailor-made to amplify visibility and fan engagement during the excitement-filled cricket season.

Shobhan Mittal, the Managing Director and CEO of Greenpanel, expressed his enthusiasm for this continued association with the Delhi Capitals. He intends to utilize this partnership to reinforce the brand’s core positioning with strategic communication efforts.

On the flip side, Sukhvinder Singh, the Interim CEO of Delhi Capitals, remarked on the euphoria surrounding the continued partnership, emphasizing Greenpanel’s dedication to delivering top-notch products and its support for cricket—a sport that captures millions of hearts in India and around the globe.

This synergistic association between a leading MDF brand and a dynamic cricket team in the world’s most followed cricket league promises to deliver nothing short of excitement, passion, and a shared vision of excellence, setting the stage for a compelling IPL 2024 season.

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