Talismanic Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli, has been nothing short of generous in his praises for Pakistan’s all-format captain, Babar Azam. In a candid endorsement, Kohli labelled Babar as a leading batter in the international cricketing arena, highlighting his remarkable skills across different formats.

During a tell-all interview with Star Sports last year, Kohli shared insights into his bond with Babar. Their first meeting? A rain-soaked day in Manchester in 2019. This memorable account unveils the birth of their bond, illustrating the deep-seated friendship that followed.

Virat and Babar: From Strangers to Allies

Virat fondly recalled, “Our first encounter was post the 2019 World Cup match in Manchester. Babar wanted to chat, aided by Imad whom I knew from our U-19 days. From the outset, Babar’s respect was palpable. Today, even with his meteoric rise as one of the top batsmen globally, that respect remains unwavering.”

The dynamic between Virat, India’s former captain, and Babar, the reigning skipper of Pakistan, has enamoured cricket enthusiasts. A standout moment was in 2022 when Babar stood by Virat during a challenging period in the latter’s career. The support resonated profoundly, given the frequent comparisons between their distinct batting techniques. This reaffirms their mutual admiration and bond.

The Awaited India-Pakistan Face-Off

The cricketing sphere is abuzz with excitement for the upcoming Asia Cup match in Kandy on September 2, where the two giants, India and Pakistan, will lock horns. With another potential face-off in the Super 4 stage and an eagerly anticipated World Cup match scheduled for October 14 in Ahmedabad, the limelight is set to focus on these cricketing behemoths once again.

As these monumental clashes draw nearer, the narrative of Virat and Babar’s camaraderie will undoubtedly be at the forefront of discussions.

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