The Indian team will face Australia next month in the WTC Finals. As per the latest reports, the ICC is likely to scrap the use of soft signals. The soft signals have always been controversial and finally, the cricketing authorities will take a decision on the same. A committee led by former BCCI president Sourav Ganguly made a statement regarding the same. The changes in the rules will be implemented first in the England versus one-off test on June 4.

Many sportsmen and experts have expressed conflicting opinions about the implementation of the soft signals during international cricket matches. This has generated a significant amount of debate. Moreover, rather than acting as a helping aid to the third umpire, the soft signals making decisions about contentious catches is the major issue with its implementation. There have been several instances wherein the players have been given the wrong out because of the rule stirring debate, time and again.

ICC Scraps Soft Signals From the WTC Finals

According to the rule books of ICC, soft signals are considered when the on-field decides if or not the ball has been carried to a fielder before asking the third umpire. Only when there is enough evidence from the videos that clarify the catch is not clear, the third umpire can reverse the decision. However, speaking ahead of the WTC Finals, Sourav Ganguly admitted that there have been meetings previously discussing the use of soft signals and the confusion around them.

“Soft signals have been discussed at previous cricket committee meetings over the last couple of years. The committee deliberated this at length and concluded that soft signals were unnecessary and at times confusing since referrals of catches may seem inconclusive in replays. We also discussed player safety, which is very important for us. The committee decided that it was best to make the use of helmets mandatory in certain positions to ensure the safety of players,” he added. The WTC Finals will take place in the Oval this year from June 7 to June 11. An additional day has been reserved in case of a rain washout.

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