IND VS WI: In an interview with News9, India’s former bowling coach Bharat Arun spoke about the hardships of Indian captaincy. He said, “Next to the Prime Minister, the Indian captain is the most enviable job in the country, so I think somebody who can take the pressure [is the right fit].

Indeed, it’s a very tough job to lead India, and even to play for India. Because of the vast talent pool and resources, the players are under pressure to keep producing consistent returns. The public wants India to be world champions, they need trophies. And, deep down, everybody knows that it played against the Kohli-Shastri duo. Kohli himself acknowledged it in his first press conference, after being sacked from ODI captaincy.

The pair had the power to make decisions, they had resources. They did well in Test cricket. But, in the end, it understandably boiled down to the fact that they didn’t win championships. The previous management made a sub-optimal usage of the available resources. But, they wouldn’t have been scrutinised so much if they had won a trophy, with some luck despite some poor decisions.

Captaincy talks are more often than not result-oriented, at least among the common public. Not many cricket followers call out the wrong decisions if the results are positive, and vice-versa. That’s how it is, and there isn’t much that can be done. Maybe, better cricket commentary during live games should be the bare minimum, to educate the fans. Get our cricket betting tips today and get the latest news here.

IND vs WI: The start of the Rohit-Dravid era

IND vs WI ODI is truly the start of the Rohit-Dravid era
IND vs WI ODI is truly the start of the Rohit-Dravid era

Now, Rohit and Dravid may have to face the additional pressure of achieving what the previous management couldn’t. Also, because they’ve got the decision-making power in an unpleasant manner. The shift in authority wasn’t smooth enough.

There were regular talks of replacing Rohit with Kohli in white-ball leadership, and Dravid with Shastri. Kohli didn’t have glory in white-ball tournaments, including the IPL, and that did hurt his reputation as a captain.

People wanted Dravid’s visionary acumen and Rohit’s calmness. Dravid can easily be trusted to build a solid squad. Rohit’s IPL success made his case stronger, and he is obviously a fine skipper to partner Dravid. The ‘new era’ is truly all set to begin from the upcoming ODI series against West Indies.

There is very little doubt whether the new management will do better than the old one. The basic expectation is that they will have a stronger belief in their methods and players will enjoy a better backing. Despite the poor performance in South Africa, better returns are expected in the near future under Rohit and Dravid.

They should ensure a good bond among the players, which will result in a good environment in the dressing room.

But, it will again boil down to the fact if they can win a trophy, particularly the most prestigious World Cup 2023 at home. There is enough pressure on the management to achieve that glory. The Indian fans would hope for some luck, along with the correct methodology for squad construction. Seeking for betting apps that are safe to use? Check it here.

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