IPL 2022 LIVE: The former ex-Royals’ player, Chetan Sakariya finally got a chance to get a place in the playing line-up of Delhi Capitals. He had waited for his opportunity calmly and when he earned that he proved his excellence. Sakariya got this opportunity against KKR and he made an put an early impact in that match.

He had given away only 17 runs in three over spells and grabbed the wicket of Aaron Finch. He then spoke about his new team and his journey so far on this site. Sakariya had piled up immense praise for his new head coach, Ricky Ponting. He has also talked about Rishabh Pant and his captaincy in IPL 2022.

Talking about Ponting, Sakariya said that Ponting always keeps the dressing room’s environment light and healthy. And by doing this players become more comfortable gelling with the squad. Ponting always tries to be intact with the players and talk with all the players personal level. All this interestedly boots the confidence level of players.

IPL 2022 LIVE: Chetan Sakariya on His New Skipper

IPL 2022 LIVE: Chetan Sakariya Stats Rishabh Pant's Leadership Qualities
IPL 2022 LIVE: Chetan Sakariya Stats Rishabh Pant’s Leadership Qualities

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“I have been here for a long time now. I am just impressed with the way Ricky Ponting thinks. Whenever a difficult situation comes, Ponting tries to motivate the players and he also tries to lighten up the room by cracking a joke and personally, he speaks to the players and asks them to be ready for the game. He focuses on each and every player and I have been impressed with this trait of his,”

Sakariya told NDTV.

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He also mentioned that Pant is removing the pressure from his players by taking all responsibilities and tensions on himself. Sakariya said that there always Pant is standing whenever it is the situation to take away the pressure from the team. Whenever Delhi does a good job in any match he gives all the credit to the other players. And when a difficult situation comes he stands like concrete in front of his team and gives to take out his team from any trouble.

Moreover, Chetan Sakariya explained his celebration which he did after picking Finch’s wicket. He had done a special ‘Dragon Ball Z’ celebration after taking the wicket and talked about this. He said that he celebrated in the style of an anime character from ‘Dragon Ball Z’. Sakariya puts his two fingers on his forehead and it was his way to give an ode to his late father.

IPL 2022 LIVE: Chetan Sakariya Stats Rishabh Pant’s Leadership Qualities

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