In a light-hearted moment during the Royal Challengers Bengaluru’s (RCB) net practice at the Chepauk Stadium, star all-rounder Glenn Maxwell took center stage with his humorous imitation of teammate Virat Kohli’s batting style. This amusing incident occurred on March 22, Wednesday, as the team geared up for their season opener against the Chennai Super Kings, the defending champions.

The RCB’s practice session was a spectacle of dedication and skill, especially from Virat Kohli, who appeared in top form. Demonstrating his vast array of shots, Kohli’s session included elegant cover drives, powerful down-the-ground hits, and audacious over-the-cover shots, indicating that he was in prime touch following a break.

IPL 2024: Glenn Maxwell Imitates Virat Kohli Batting in Net Session

However, the intensity of the practice took a jovial turn when Glenn Maxwell decided to mimic not just Kohli’s iconic shots but also his unique mannerisms at the crease. The Australian all-rounder’s enactment brought a wave of laughter and light-heartedness to the session, providing a delightful moment for both players and spectators alike. Adding to the fun, pacer Mohammed Siraj also joined Maxwell in this light-hearted tribute to Kohli’s batting prowess.

Maxwell’s performance was so spot-on that the official IPL social media handle couldn’t resist sharing a video of the incident, inviting fans to rate his impression of Kohli. The post was captioned humorously, “Watch your back, Virat Kohli. RCB fans rate Glenn Maxwell’s Virat Kohli’s impression from 1-10.”

Despite the fun, it was evident that Maxwell was genuinely impressed by Kohli’s batting, as he, along with everyone else, marveled at the sheer focus and skill displayed by the former RCB captain. Kohli, for his part, remained undistracted, fully engrossed in honing his skills, unaware of the imitation game happening behind him.

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