Gujarat Titans’ captain Hardik Pandya received a lot of trolling after his team failed to chase 130 runs against Delhi Capitals who are having their worst season. After the Gujarat Titans versus Delhi Capitals game, Hardik Pandya stood up for his team and accepted the responsibility for being unable to win a low-scoring game. The defending champions learned quickly from their mistakes and won the very next game.

The Rajasthan Royals batters found it difficult to face Rashid Khan and Noor Ahmad’s spin bowling. The team couldn’t complete 20 overs with the bat. With 118 runs on board, Shubman Gill and Wriddhiman Saha provided the team with a stable start. However, after Gill’s wicket, Hardik Pandya walked out to bat and it was a complete carnage. Scoring 39 of just 15 balls, Hardik Pandya hit 3 sixes to Adam Zampa. His quick runs not only helped the team with 2 points but also provided them with a boost in the net run rate.

I don’t shy away from accepting mistakes: Hardik Pandya

“I Don’t Shy Away From Accepting Mistakes,” Says Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya expressed confidence in his fellow players Rashid Khan and Noor Ahmed. The captain had nothing to do other than recommend when to have a slip after he appreciated their self-assurance and ability to speak clearly. He also emphasized Wriddhiman Saha’s skill and knowledge in handling fast spinners like Rashid and Noor. Although it was difficult to keep the wickets, Hardik Pandya was confident in Saha’s ability to manage their speeds.Furthermore, the Gujarat Titans captain acknowledged that he made some errors in the judgment in the last game which proved costly.

“I let Rashid handle the business with Noor. Nobody better to communicate. Not much I have to do, I only suggest on when to have a slip. They are very confident about what they want to do. We are relaxed, doing our jobs and there are just a few chats that I or Ashu pa will have to pull up our socks when needed. I made some judgement errors in the last game, but today my job was half done by the time Shubman got out. I don’t shy away from accepting mistakes, accepting is key to succeed for me,” Hardik Pandya said.

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