The retention policy for the IPL 2022 has been revealed by the BCCI. The franchises will be able to retain three Indian and two overseas players, with the maximum retentions not exceeding 4. The new franchises, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, on the other hand, will get to pick three players outside the auction. Here are the best cricket betting odds in 2021.

Also, the player purse has been set at 90 crores. If the team opts to retain four players, 42 crores will be deducted from their purse. If they opt to retain three, two and one player, 33, 24 and 14 crores will be deducted respectively.

The eight franchises have to submit the list of retained players by November 30, after which the new franchises can pick their three players between 1st December-25th December.

The chart below explains the salary cap of each retained player. In case of four retentions, player 1 will get 16 crores, player 2 will get 12 crores, player 3 will get 8 crores and player 4 will get 6 crores.

Similarly, in case of three retentions, player 1 will get 15 crores, player 2 will get 11 crores and player 3 will get 7 crores.

Deductions for 4 PlayersINR 42 Cr
Player 1INR 16 Cr
Player 2INR 12 Cr
Player 3INR 8 Cr
Player 4INR 6 Cr
Deduction for 3 PlayersINR 33 Cr
Player 1INR 15 Cr
Player 2INR 11 Cr
Player 3INR 7 Cr
Deductions for 2 PlayersINR 24 Cr
Player 1INR 14 Cr
Player 2INR 10 Cr
Deduction for 1 PlayerINR 14 C

If the deal between the franchise and the player exceeds this amount, the extra amount will be deducted from the remaining purse of the franchise.
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