IPL 2023: Indian Premier League has been the tournament of wonders. In the course of 16 years, IPL has seen some incredible knocks from players belonging to India, as well as Overseas. Along with some brilliant knocks the tournament has also seen some thrilling dismissals from bowlers and fielders.

The IPL has set a high standard and a new bar for fielding in international cricket. Being a highly competitive tournament with eight to ten teams, IPL has had some remarkable fielders. The fielders have won matches for their teams and have set some incredible records in the Indian Premier League. Let’s look at the top 5 best fielders in the history of the IPL.

1. AB de Villiers

IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL
IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL

AB de Villiers has been one of the top fielders in the IPL. From restricting the opponent’s runs with his quick fielding to taking unrealistic catches, AB de Villiers has given some incredible moments for his fans to cherish.

The former South African captain has been a part of the championship since its commencement in 2008. He declared his retirement in 2021 as he played his last season for Royal Challengers Bangalore. AB de Villiers has dismissed 118 Batsmen with his fielding skills, 90 as a fielder and 28 as a wicket-keeper.

Virat Kohli’s tweet for AB de Villiers’ astonishing catch

AB de Villiers has taken one of the best catches in the history of the IPL in 2018. He dismissed Alex Hales (Sunrisers Hyderabad) with a stunning catch towards the boundary. Virat Kohli even called him Spiderman for his catch. AB de Villiers is famous as Mr. 360 in the IPL for his brilliant shots all over the ground.

IPL 2023: 2. Suresh Raina

IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL
IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL

Suresh Raina, popularly known as the MR. IPL has consistently been one of the best players in the IPL. Raina has been highly trusted as a fielder by the team management of Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Lions.

He has always been a fitness enthusiast and has been a quick runner on the field to save runs for his team. Suresh Raina has played 205 matches in the IPL and has taken 108 flying catches in the tournament. He has always received appreciation from his team for his efforts on the field.

Raina announced his retirement from the IPL in 2022 after being unsold in the TATA IPL Mega Auction 2022 and is still missed by his fans in the tournament.

3. Kieron Pollard

IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL
IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL

The West Indies All-Rounder Kieron Pollard has been one of the most destructive batsmen in the IPL. With his 6’4 height and powerful arms, Pollard is best known for attacking the bowlers for sixes. With the advantage of his height, Pollard has taken some stunning catches at the boundaries which were guaranteed for a six.

Pollard has grabbed 103 catches in the IPL in 189 games. He was also awarded the best catch of the Season award twice in 2014 and 2019. Kieron Pollard has spent 12 years in the Mumbai Indians camp. He has been the only player after Virat Kohli to play for only one Team Franchise.

Despite his scoring knocks and astonishing fielding skills, he was not retained by Mumbai for TATA IPL 2023. Kieron Pollard now plays the role of the Batting Coach for Mumbai Indians.

IPL 2023: 4. Ravindra Jadeja

IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL
IPL 2023: Top 5 Fielders in the History of IPL

Ravindra Jadeja is of the best Indian fielders in International cricket as well as the Indian Premier League. Jadeja is a complete player. He plays the role of a wicket-taking spinner, a high-scoring middle-order batsman, and a quick fielder.

Ravindra Jadeja has a good presence of mind on the field and is famous for direct hits on the wickets for the dismissal of a batsman for run-outs. He is the only player in the history of the IPL to send 24 players back to their respective team dugouts after a run-out.

With his quick movement across the field, Jadeja has grabbed 88 catches in the IPL and has dismissed many batsmen with his slow left-arm orthodox spin bowling. Ravindra Jadeja continues to play for Chennai Super Kings.

5. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis continues to showcase his brilliance in the Indian Premier League. He began his IPL Journey in 2011. Since then he has been a spectacular player to look forward to in the tournament.

After playing for a decade for Chennai Super Kings, Faf now plays the active role of the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore. The former South African Captain Faf du Plessis is a thoroughly active player on the field. Over the years, he has taken 70 astonishing catches in the tournament.

Faf has been one of the key players to have restricted runs on the boundaries by throwing the ball back to the field and preventing it from going for six. Du Plessis has made fielding look easy, and scoring runs against his fielding is difficult while he continues to score a high number of runs and give the bowlers a tough time on the field.

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