Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) pacer, Mohammed Siraj, has effusively praised his RCB teammate Virat Kohli for his extraordinary work ethic and unmatched fitness routine. The camaraderie shared by Siraj and Kohli extends beyond the cricket field, with Siraj often fondly referring to Kohli as his elder brother. In the ongoing IPL 2023 season, Siraj has been making waves with an impressive haul of 15 wickets in a mere 11 matches, while Kohli’s form has been no less impressive, having scored 420 runs in 11 matches.

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When it comes to Kohli’s fitness routine, Siraj disclosed that Kohli follows a strict schedule, going to bed by 11 pm every day, regardless of his performance on the field. Siraj acknowledges that Kohli’s guidance in the gym has been crucial to his success and looks up to him as a fitness role model. The awe-inspiring level of Kohli’s fitness regimen has earned him the moniker “King,” and Siraj expressed his admiration for how the Indian captain has set a new benchmark for fitness standards in the sport. Siraj’s words exude a deep sense of respect for Kohli’s unwavering commitment to his fitness routine and the positive impact it has had on his own performance on the field.

Siraj Tips His Hat to Kohli

Mohammed Siraj Talks about Virat Kohli’s Inspiring Trait
Mohammed Siraj Talks about Virat Kohli’s Inspiring Trait

“Virat (Kohli) Bhaiya maximum by 11 pm is off to bed. Whether he scores a hundred or zero, he will follow a set routine and will meet you at breakfast and then in the gym. The fitness standards he has set have been just next level. He is not getting relaxed even after achieving so much. He is still hungry and wants to get better. Hats off,” Mohammed Siraj said on the latest show of Breakfast with Champions.

In the interim, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have received a severe setback in their quest for a spot in the playoffs, after their crushing defeat at the hands of the Mumbai Indians. With just 10 points garnered from 11 matches, the team’s fortunes now hinge on winning their remaining three games. Notably, the odds are stacked against them, as they may need additional factors such as favorable outcomes or a significant upswing in their run-rate to revive their playoff aspirations.

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