They say less is more and that is what is happening with MS Dhoni and his fans. MS Dhoni has zero internet presence and ever since his rumors of retirement are out, fans are keen on watching him play as much as possible. Ravindra Jadeja who has been batting ahead of the skipper has been on the receiving end of weird requests from fans. The fans are eager to see the all-rounder get out so that MS can walk out to bat.

Ravindra Jadeja won man of the match for his 1 wicket and 21 runs. During the post-match presentation he had a candid chat explaining that he was happy with the team’s victory. He then spoke about fan requests and acknowledged that as soon as he walks in the middle, those in the stadium start chanting MS’s name. “Look if I go down (the order) then they start chanting Mahi bhai’s (MS Dhoni) name. If I go up then they will wait for me to get out. So what’s happening is good and I am happy that our team is winning,” he said.

They start chanting Mahi bhai’s (MS Dhoni) name: Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja Speak on Crowd’s Desire to Watch MS Dhoni Bat

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni who has been very peculiar in his role as a finisher this season has acknowledged that it is working well for him. The CSK captain is suffering from knee issues which have impacted his running abilities. This is also one of the reasons why MS Dhoni bats lower down the order. Talking to Murali Karthik, he said, “That’s what my job is (striking at 200 in less deliveries). I have told them this is what I am supposed to do. Don’t make me run a lot. It has been working and others are doing their job.”

“This is what I need to do. Happy to contribute (in) whatever deliveries I am getting. Accordingly, I am practicing also, what I may get in the game is what I actually practice and it helps me perform,” he added. Under the leadership of MS Dhoni, CSK is the second most successful team in the IPL. Following an awful season last year, they are now inching closer to another playoff and a possible victory too.

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