As the electrifying showdown of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is set to begin, the cricketing world’s eyes are fixated on the superstars who elevate the spectacle with their on-field prowess and off-field charisma. Amidst the buzzing anticipation, Rajasthan Royals’ dazzling batter Jos Buttler has expressed sheer admiration for the monumental fan following of Indian cricketing icons Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, equating their celebrity to the euphoria surrounding a pop icon’s concert.

Speaking to the media, the English cricketer articulated his astonishment at the allegiance and fervor of the fans.

The fan following Rohit and Virat command is incredible. Witnessing their supporters is akin to seeing a swarm of 10-year-olds at a Taylor Swift concert — it’s absolutely remarkable.

Jos Buttler

This comparison underscores the magnitude of popularity the duo enjoys, reflective of their colossal impact on cricket lovers worldwide.

Beyond the celebrity status

As the IPL 2024 caravan rolls out, Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, are bracing for their inaugural match against the formidable Gujarat Titans on March 24 at the colossal Narendra Modi Stadium. The opener is poised to be a thrilling encounter as Sharma’s marauding batsmanship and shrewd captaincy will be on full display.

On the other front, Virat Kohli is making a notable comeback, joining the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) camp on March 17, aiming to prepare in full throttle for the upcoming IPL challenges. Kohli, who has been away from competitive cricket for two and a half months, took a hiatus for a special personal occasion — to be with his wife, Anushka Sharma, for the birth of their second child Akaay. The cricket maestro is set to make his first appearance in RCB’s opening game against Chennai Super Kings on March 22.

Moreover, RCB harbors high ambitions this season, with unwavering sights set on clinching their maiden IPL trophy under the leadership of their talisman, Kohli. The hunger for victory resonates within the team spirit as they march forth to etch their names in the golden pages of IPL history.

Other teams build up

In the backdrop of these developments, Mumbai Indians have reportedly contemplated releasing their pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah and power-hitter Hardik Pandya, as revealed by former player Parthiv Patel. If true, such decisions could significantly shuffle the dynamics of the five-time IPL champions ahead of the tournament’s kickoff.

As cricket fanatics across the globe buckle up for a high-octane cricketing festival, the fervor for stars like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli intensifies, with the Indian cricket stalwarts primed to unleash their mastery in a contest that celebrates skill, passion, and the incredible bond between heroes and their legion of followers.

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