Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has opened up on his relationship with Gautam Gambhir, saying that he has spent some quality time with him in the last two to three days in Doha. Notably, both retired cricketers are involved in the ongoing edition of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) Masters.

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Afridi and Gambhir are long-time rivals, their rivalry goes back well in time in 2007 during a tightly contested ODI between Pakistan and India. While India-Pakistan has always been high-voltage and high-pressure games, the two cricketers lost their cool, crossed the line, and exchanged verbal blows. Since then they have become eternal rivals. The rivalries in general only last till the players play against each other, but these two players continued their rivalry off the field as well. Even after announcing their retirements from the game, the two are known to make veiled attacks at each other on news debates, social media platforms, and in other spheres of life. 

After a decade-long rivalry, both cricketers found themselves once again on the field in the ongoing LLC 2023, but since the stakes weren’t that high, this time both cricketers behaved like gentlemen and have played the ongoing tournament with good spirits thus far. Afridi in particular has been too kind to Gambhir, who has looked like the same player of old times.  

Afridi Lauds Gambhir for His Batting in LLC 2023

Shahid Afridi Opens up on His Relationship With Gautam Gambhir
Shahid Afridi Opens up on His Relationship With Gautam Gambhir

The two legends of the game have shared quite a few moments which have sent shockwaves to the fans. One such famous incident occurred during the match between India Maharajas and Asia Lions 12th over of India’s batting when Gambhir was on strike and got hit by the ball on his helmet. Though he didn’t suffer any serious injury, Afridi was seen going up to Gambhir and asking about his well-being. Speaking of his on and off-field rival, Afridi downplayed rivalry talks and praised Gambhir for his batting and also revealed that he has spent a few amazing days with his Indian counterpart.

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“We are both ambassadors of our respective countries. If you live in the past, you won’t be able to live. We are enjoying in our present. He is leading his team and is in good form, he is playing beautifully and it’s fun watching him bat. I have spent two to three days with him and it has been amazing,” Shahid Afridi was quoted as saying.

Gambhir and Afridi will once again come face to face when the Asia Lions will square off against the India Maharajas on Saturday in the Eliminator to book a place in Monday’s final. World Giants are already through to the finals of Legends League Cricket after their excellent victory over Asia Lions in the group stage encounter of LLC.  

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