As the cricketing fever grips India with the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season, two premier franchises, the Lucknow Super Giants and the Delhi Capitals, have taken a significant stride in securing sustainable and luxurious transportation solutions. They have chosen Eco Mobility, the favorite transportation provider, to ensure the smooth transit of their players and equipment across various Indian venues during the highly anticipated tournament.

Transport solutions

The collaboration marks a triumph for Eco Mobility, affirming their status as a leading car rental service in the exhaustive circuit of the IPL. As the competition intensifies, logistical precision can be just as crucial off the field as the strategies on it. In recognition of this, Eco Mobility will offer a fleet of luxurious coaches and spacious vehicles, all designed to deliver comfort, space, and a touch of elegance, for the teams as they travel in style.

Mr. Aditya Loomba, the Jt. Managing Director of Eco Mobility, couldn’t hide his excitement at this collaboration. He emphasized the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service and crafting luxury travel experiences tailored to the high standards that the IPL teams require. Indeed, the pressure is on, and the stakes are high as Eco Mobility aims to play a pivotal role in the teams’ pursuit of glory.

We are elated to be selected as the transportation providers by the IPL franchises Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals. The IPL is a prestigious event that captures the imagination of millions of cricket fans across the globe. By joining forces with these franchises, Eco Mobility gains a fantastic platform to demonstrate our dedication to exceptional service and creating luxury travel experiences. We are confident that our extensive fleet of premium vehicles and our team of dedicated professionals will meet the transportation needs of both teams seamlessly. We look forward to creating a synergy that contributes to a memorable season.

Mr. Aditya Loomba, Jt. Managing Director of Eco Mobility

Sponsorship gains

The IPL is not just a cricketing battle; it’s a festivity that attracts millions of eyes globally. Celebrated for its colorful celebration of cricket, the IPL brings together the best of cricketing talent from various Indian cities and beyond, making it a global phenomenon. As the tournament enjoys roaring crowds, pulsating matches, and nail-biting finishes, Eco Mobility seeks to ensure that the movement of the players is nothing less than seamless and fitting for the stars they serve.

As the franchises gear up for the 2024 season, Eco Mobility’s commitment shines through. They are not simply transporting teams; they’re fueling aspirations, carrying champions, and potentially driving teams towards the coveted IPL trophy. The emphasis on synergy between Eco Mobility and the two franchises poises them to contribute to a thrilling and memorable season, all while riding in eco-friendly panache. All eyes will now be on the Lucknow Super Giants and the Delhi Capitals as they take on their rivals, hoping to match their on-field talents with equally impressive logistics off the pitch.

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