Mark Boucher: Less than a week before his disciplinary hearing, CSA has “formally and unreservedly” dismissed charges of gross misconduct against Mark Boucher. He is currently the men’s team head coach. That means they are no longer pursuing his dismissal based on the preliminary conclusions of the (SJN) investigation. The investigation had determined that he may have engaged in racial bias. Find more cricket session tips free and match predictions here on our site.

Paul Adams and Enoch Nkwe decided to not testify at the proceedings. Following that the CSA determined that the allegations were no longer viable. Boucher was facing three allegations. The first of which was from his playing days. He was involved in singing a team song with racist words to Paul Adams. His management of the Black Lives Matter movement with the current squad. And his working relationship with former assistant coach Enoch Nkwe.

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Mark Boucher: CSA Could Find No Basis To Sustain The Charges Because Of No Witness

The SJN report could not reach definitive determinations on the significance of these instances. The CSA was advised by external attorneys that the appropriate legal process to follow in respect of Mr. Boucher was a formal disciplinary proceeding in front of an independent ombudsman. However, due to a lack of witnesses, the CSA was unable to support the charges. CSA confirmed that Adams’ decision not to testify on Sunday played a part. Get the latest online betting apps for IOS and Android here on our site.

Adams had said that his testimony at the SJN was about the general ethos of the national team in the early 2000s. He also stated that he did not single out any specific players.

Boucher was charged with “allegedly treating Mr. Nkwe in a manner unbecoming of a leader in your position” because he did not give “roles and duties” or “relevant key-performance indicators” for him, according to the charge sheet. Because Nkwe refused to testify, CSA was unable to prosecute this case as well.

Mark Boucher was the longest-serving wicket-keeper for South Africa as he featured in 147 Test matches and 295 ODIs for the proteas. He also played 25 T20 internationals. He is amongst the top wicket-keepers for South Africa. After his retirement, the Proteas have not been able to find a suitable replacement as Ab, Quinton de Kock, and several others have donned the gloves.

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