Australian pace sensation Mitchell Starc recently made headlines not only for his record-breaking signing with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for INR 24.75 crore but also for his commendations of the Indian Premier League (IPL) as the top T20 league. Starc’s acquisition became one of the most talked-about moments during the IPL 2024 auction, marking his significant return to the league after a long hiatus.

Starc, who had previously prioritized international cricket, particularly Test matches, over T20 leagues, returned to the IPL spotlight with enthusiasm. His decision underscores the IPL’s premier status and competitive intensity, recognized globally by players and fans alike. Despite his absence from the league in recent years, Starc expressed no regrets, highlighting his career’s focus and successful tenure with the Australian national team.

The left-arm pacer’s return to the IPL is not just a personal milestone; it also reflects the league’s global allure and its position as a pinnacle of T20 cricket. Players worldwide aspire to partake in the IPL, drawn by its high competition level, extensive viewership, and the opportunity to play alongside and against some of the best talents in cricket.

Starc’s previous IPL stints include impressive performances for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and his brief association with KKR in 2018, although he couldn’t participate due to an injury. His acknowledgment of the IPL’s premier status, coupled with his excitement to rejoin the league, exemplifies the IPL’s standing in the global T20 cricket arena.

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