The introduction of the UP Warriorz into the Women’s Premier League (WPL) in 2023 opened a new chapter for franchise cricket, especially in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Spearheading this pioneering venture is Jinisha Sharma, head of Capri Sports, who has taken on the mantle of managing the franchise amidst the bustling sports landscape of India.

Sharma faces a unique set of challenges and uncertainties inherent in establishing UP Warriorz. In an industry teeming with competition, branding and team management are key hurdles. While the men’s cricket leagues, most notably the Indian Premier League (IPL), have become fixtures of sports entertainment in India, women’s cricket has largely remained untapped. Jinisha Sharma’s leadership in launching a women’s franchise aimed to harness the latent potential in this under-explored sector.

The advent of the WPL has seen a wave of attention, with escalating TV viewership figures and a surge in crowd attendance testifying to the league’s success. It stands as a witness to the growing appeal and marketability of women’s cricket on a platform where it has previously been overshadowed.

The IPL’s success story serves as a template and source of strategic inspiration for Sharma and UP Warriorz. Borrowing a page from the tried-and-tested playbooks of various successful IPL franchises has helped in steering the strategies for building a viable and competitive women’s team.

The choice of Lucknow as the home ground for UP Warriorz is both strategic and challenging. While the city is not widely recognized for franchise sports, its densely populated nature presents an opportunity to tap into a vast potential fanbase. The team aims to establish a distinctive brand identity, transcending regional affinities and appealing to the entire state. Jinisha Sharma’s vision extends to capitalizing on Uttar Pradesh’s size and diversity to foster a broad regional appeal, overcoming the initial stumbling blocks of recognition and loyalty.

Sharma is also aware of the ongoing gender disparity in executive roles within sports. By taking the helm of Capri Global, she consciously takes steps towards closing the gender gap and advocates for more women in leadership positions within the sports industry. Her role at UP Warriorz and her active participation in the industry resonate with her passion for not only advancing the franchise but also empowering women in sports management.

The UP Warriorz are not just another team; under Jinisha Sharma’s guidance, they are a beacon of progress, both for women’s cricket and for paving the way toward gender equality in sports leadership. As the WPL continues to gain momentum, Sharma’s vision of an all-encompassing franchise that resonates with the entire state becomes increasingly tangible. The success of UP Warriorz could set a transformative precedent, prompting a new era for women in sports – both on and off the field.

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