Ricky Ponting: Legendary Australian cricketer has stats his words about the downfall of Virat Kohli. He has shared his view on his decline in terms of form and talks about what is going wrong with him. Ricky Ponting has expressed his thoughts on the point. He said that the main reason for his downfall is a tired athlete’s body. Looking for more official betting sites in India for the upcoming match? Find them here.

But the player is denying it mentally which is becoming the main reason for Virat Kohli’s dip in form. As well as Ponting has stated that the veteran Indian batter will keep calm and will bounce back in his ace form. The BCCI has also sensed this factor and that is why BCCI has given rest to their senior players in the team.


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Both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are on resting period while Team India is playing a five-match T20I series. This is a home series for Team India where they have faced a defeat in the very first match. The reason for giving rest to the senior players are coming that BCCI wants them in a fresh form for the England tour. Both Virat and Rohit have shown an embarrassing performance throughout the IPL 2022 season.

Ricky Ponting: The Former Skipper States His Words About Virat Kohli

Ricky Ponting: The Australian Legend Analyzes The Downfall of Virat Kohli
Ricky Ponting: The Australian Legend Analyzes The Downfall of Virat Kohli

“It (poor form) is going to happen to everyone at some stage. Virat’s probably had a 10 or 12-year run where hasn’t had many down times. But there was a lot of talk and conjecture around the IPL about how tired and burnt out he might be. That’s for him to work out and assess and find ways to improve, whether it’s a technical thing or a mental thing.”

Ponting said

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Ricky Ponting has also added that he knows from his experience that this period always comes in a player’s life. He shared that this often happens when a player bluffs that he is physically or mentally tired. The player will always deny that he is tired and always gets a way to keep himself charged up in training sessions. In the same manner, the player will also find a way to get himself up for a match.

And this will continue till the player does not accept that he needs to stop at a limit. This is just a sense of realization that he is tired and needs to rest mentally and physically. And this small thing can become a game-changer as per Ricket Ponting. For lathe st two years the speculations around Virat Kohli is surrounding the cricket fraternity.

He is struggling to put a big score on board and this continues in the recently concluded IPL 2022 season also. He had a poor strike rate of 115.98 in this season. Virat Kohli has played all 16 matches where he scored only 341 runs which an average of 22.73.

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