In a recent and candid expression of admiration, young wicket-keeper batter Dhruv Jurel has compared the leadership qualities of his Rajasthan Royals captain, Sanju Samson, with those of Indian cricket heavyweight, Rohit Sharma. Jurel, who hopes to carry over his impressive international form into the highly competitive arena of the Indian Premier League (IPL), revealed his perspective on the parallels between the two cricketing luminaries.

It’s been three years since I’ve been playing under Sanju Samson. He’s quite a chill character. He is just like Rohit Sharma is when it comes to personality. He talks frequently about strategies, he gives you a sense of security.

Dhruv Jurel, speaking to News24

Rajasthan Royals‘ skipper Sanju Samson’s approach to captaincy has been instrumental in fostering a cohesive team environment, according to the up-and-coming star. Jurel lauded Samson for his inclusive strategy, one that effectively amalgamates the insights and energies of both rookies and experienced campaigners. This, as per Jurel, is reminiscent of Rohit Sharma’s well-known persona and leadership style—characteristics that have guided teams to numerous laurels.

I was on the bench the first year but he didn’t make me feel that. Samson takes everyone together. Even now, he shares plans not just off the field but off it too. He shares his experience.

Dhruv Jurel, speaking to News24

Jurel’s experience within the Royals camp evidently resonates with the harmonious culture that Samson has cultivated, where strategy and experience sharing are core tenets. The commingling of voices, both seasoned and fresh, under Samson’s stewardship, echoes Sharma’s ethos, wherein every player is a valued contributor to the collective goal.

While Jurel’s feats with the gloves and the bat have invited comparisons with the legendary MS Dhoni, the youngster humbly deflects the honor, venerating Dhoni as an unparalleled figure in the cricketing dominion. He insists there is, and will always be, only one MS Dhoni—a sentiment that echoes in the hearts of cricket fans worldwide.

Jurel’s recent stint with the Indian Test team against England demonstrated why he is one of the brightest prospects in Indian cricket. Amassing 190 runs over four innings, he has made a statement of intent and skill that surely augurs well for his IPL campaign.

As the Royals gird up for the upcoming IPL season, the expectations are sky-high, especially after coming tantalizingly close to glory by finishing as runners-up in a previous edition. With such profound faith in Samson’s leadership, akin to Sharma’s, and talents like Jurel raring to go, the Royals are certainly poised for a chase of the coveted IPL crown with renewed vigor and strategy.

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