Cricket enthusiasts have long admired the flair and aggression with which Sanju Samson approaches his game. However, few have known the clear intent that fuels his explosive style of play. The Rajasthan Royals captain and ace batter recently opened up about the driving force behind his well-renowned power-hitting.

I always wanted to stand out with the way I bat… create my own style. No matter if it’s the first ball, I wanted to go out there and hit a six. That was the shift in the mindset. I wanted to do something different. Why do we have to wait for ten balls to hit a six? That was the motive behind the development of my power-hitting.

Sanju Samson, Star Sports

His own batting technique

Samson’s innings often capture the cricketing public’s imagination, leaving fans and critics alike in awe of his ability to effortlessly hoist the ball over the boundary ropes. Despite criticism for occasionally squandering his wicket after promising starts, especially in his outings for India, Samson is unwavering in his approach to the game. He has declared his ambition to pioneer a distinct style of batting, one that doesn’t shy away from hitting sixes right from the first delivery he faces.

When you are playing cricket in the world’s best country… India is no.1 in the world… the number of players, the number of talent and the competitions we have… a guy from Kerala. if he has to come and cement his place in the national side, he has to do something special.

Sanju Samson, Star Sports

This fearless mindset could be seen as a response to the tough competition in the Indian cricketing landscape. With so many aspirants knocking on the doors of the national team, Samson—who hails from the smaller cricketing state of Kerala—realizes that only exceptional performances can assure a cricketer a regular spot in the team. It’s this realization that propels him to strive for something extraordinary every time he strides out to bat.

A talent forged amongst friends

Samson’s quest for establishing his unique mark in the cricketing world is not without gratitude for the support he’s received along the way, especially during the challenging Covid times. The resolve to pay back to the team and the fans with his performances has only hardened in the face of adversity. Samson’s steadfast commitment to hard work and his readiness to dazzle on the pitch reflect an athlete in pursuit of greatness.

I put in a lot of effort during Covid times, a lot of people helped me. I’m very happy, things are coming on nice. The grind keeps on going, I’m never satisfied. I just want to go on and keep doing something spectacular for the side that I play for.

Sanju Samson, Star Sports

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season around the corner, Samson’s determination could spell a thrilling campaign for the Rajasthan Royals. His ability to blend consistency with six-hitting heroics will be put to the test as the Royals open their season against the Lucknow Super Giants on March 24. It remains to be seen if Samson’s self-styled batting ethos will catapult him and his team to new heights in the tournament.

Crictips would remind its users that as the frenzy of IPL cricket takes over, it’s not just about the sport but also about understanding the minds and hearts of the players who make it unforgettable. Samson’s candid revelation gives us a glimpse into the aspirations and pressures of an elite cricketer—and the relentless quest for excellence that defines the spirit of the game.

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