Canada cricket team is entering their Group A match against Pakistan with confidence, following a historic win over Ireland and a strong performance against the USA. This momentum has revitalized Canada’s standing in associate cricket, giving them a chance to challenge a struggling Pakistan side.

Canada Optimistic to Cause Another Upset vs Pakistan

Canadian opener Aaron Johnson expressed optimism about the upcoming match, emphasizing the importance of seizing these opportunities for growth. “I think they are very skilled players. Most of these guys have been going around the world playing league cricket, not only international cricket, so their skills are there,” Johnson said about Pakistan during the pre-match press conference in New York.

“But if you’re looking for opportunity, you have to relish these moments. So, I believe the fact that the wicket is playing some tricks, it levels the playing field for us, and we’re looking to use that to our advantage.”

Johnson highlighted the team’s positive mood, noting their excitement and readiness to face Pakistan. “The mood, everyone knows. You must have seen it on social media where the guys are happy, fancying their chances, and definitely looking forward to playing against some of the big guns in the Pakistan team.”

Canada’s landmark victory over Ireland by 12 runs in New York last week was their first win against a Test-playing nation, boosting their confidence against Pakistan. Johnson, who has yet to hit top form in the World Cup, believes this “historic win” will have a lasting impact on Canadian cricket.

“It’s a very big win for us. It’s a historic win. It’s our first T20 win against a Test-playing nation, and this just shows that Canada has a lot to offer to the world of cricket. I’m pretty sure this will drive a lot of investment in Canadian cricket to show that we are here to compete.”

Johnson emphasized that Canada is not just participating but aiming to make a mark. “We are not just here to be a part of the tournament. Moving forward, we got ODI status earlier, and we qualified to play here in the World Cup, so I think it’s massive. For us as a group, it drives a sense of belief within the group. So, I think we have to just take it in stride and keep moving forward,” he added.

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