Amidst the ongoing craze for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, there has been a huge revelation about the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 starting in June, 2024. ICC’s Damien Hough has revealed the characteristics of the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York’s pitch condition where the big match between India and Pakistan will be played on the 9th June and looks like India’s 4 spin bowling experiment could already thrown out of the gate.

The upcoming ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2024, set to kick off on June 1 and run through June 29, marks a historic moment as it’s the first time that the USA will host an ICC World Cup event. With venues spread across New York, Florida, and Dallas, the USA Cricket Association decided on drop-in pitches to save time and resources.

One of the highly anticipated matches, India vs Pakistan, is slated for June 9 at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. New York alone will host eight matches, including three featuring India, with pitch installation already underway, bringing in drop-in pitches from Australia.

Utilizing infrastructure from the Las Vegas Formula 1 circuit, the 34,000-capacity stadium in New York will be the main venue. Transforming a municipal park into a cricket facility, the ICC ensures ample practice space with ten pitches for matches and six additional ones for training.

New York Stadium Pitch to Offer Pace and Bounce for India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2024

The big match of the tournament between India and Pakistan on the 9th will be played in New York and the pitch that will be used at the ground, has been revealed to the cricket enthusiasts. Damien Hough, in-charge of all the process, described in an interaction that the New York Stadium pitch will have pace and bounce to offer, which complete opposite to what Team India have prepared for.

“The pitches will have pace and bounce, and the ball should come on to the bat, something that the players prefer. The idea is to produce good pitches that will stay good throughout the tournament and the players will enjoy playing on,” Hough said.

Ground Dimension Will Be Same As Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium

ICC’s head of events Chris Tetley also confirmed that the ground dimension of the New York Stadium same as the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, thus fans can expect high scoring matches at the venue.

“The Nassau County ground is not a token-sized ground – it is 75 yards east west and 67 yards north south from the centre. It is similar to the size of Wankhede. The drainage facilities, too, will be world-class,” Tetley added.

The tournament will feature 20 nations, starting with group stages from June 2 and will continue till June 30. The top two teams from each of the four groups will advance into the Super 8 round. All 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 4 teams each and the top 2 teams will progress into the semi-finals, leading to the final in Barbados on June 30.

India’s journey in the mega event begins against Ireland on June 5 in New York, followed by a highly anticipated match against Pakistan on the 9th. Led by Rohit Sharma, the team will then face off against the USA and Canada to wrap up the group stage on June 12 and 15, respectively.

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