Being an opener in cricket’s any format is not an easy task but it gets all the more difficult in test cricket. Facing fast bowlers right in the morning when the new ball swings at its best. Australia’s veteran opener, Usman Khawaja who has played across the world opens up on what it is like to bat in England. England is the home of cricket and all the players dream to play at least one test game at Lord’s. However, Usman Khawaja believes that the conditions in the country are the toughest to bat.

Ahead of the WTC Finals and the Ashes, Usman Khawaja spoke about his preparations. Khawaja, who had his first tour to India earlier this year, is keen on continuing his stellar touch in the upcoming months. The Australian opener in challenging spin conditions finished the 4-match series with 333 runs being the highest run-scorer in the series. With David Warner struggling to get some runs, Australia will want the left-handed opener to take the lead while opening.

If you’re going to England, go with low expectations: Usman Khawaja

England the Toughest Place to Bat,” Says Usman Khawaja

The numbers don’t look good for Usman Khawaja in England as the player averages just 19.66 from six test matches. In a conversation with, he said, “England is, in my opinion, the toughest place in the world to bat for a top three batsman, plain and simple. The new ball is tough work. But then you get some (weather) conditions, and it’s a bit of luck involved in it, too. Sometimes you get the other team out, then suddenly the clouds roll over. Other times you’re out there and it’s nice and sunny.”

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s work hard, train hard, (and) if you’re going to England, go with low expectations. But when you do score, you try to cash in as much as you can,” Khawaja continued. Usman Khawaja accepted that he has progressed greatly over a decade. However, he feels there is no guarantee of how he would do against James Anderson and Stuart Broad. The series will be crucial for the opener keeping in mind his previous record. Nonetheless, Australia will take on India in the WTC Finals on 7 June and then the Ashes will begin on July 16.

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