The second edition of one of the most exciting cricket competitions is just a few days away. As compared to T20 cricket, a 100-ball game is totally different. It is a 100-ball league that comes with a totally different flare for the fans. The league includes eight different franchises, mainly based in the major cities in England and Wales. The ECB holds the complete authority of The Hundred competition.

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One of the primary reasons for its establishment was to bring more people into the game and to attract younger generations to the game of cricket. The first season took place between July and August 2021. Notably, both men’s and women’s games take place alongside each other on the same ground on the same day. However, the best thing for the spectators is that one can enjoy both men’s and women’s games with a single ticket.

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The Hundred: All Rules Explained

The second edition of the tournament will kick off on August 3rd. On the other hand, due to the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022, the women’s tournament will start on 11 August. Speaking of The Hundred competition, the rules in this tournament are a bit different as compared to T20 leagues. So let’s check out the rules for this competition.

  • Both sides are allowed to play a maximum of 100 balls in a complete batting inning. It is a 100-ball format, and the team that scores the most will win.
  • The bowling side can only change the bowling end after 10 deliveries.
  • One bowler can bowl five or ten successive deliveries at once. It is the captain who decides whether the bowler will bowl five or ten balls.
  • Every bowler can bowl only 20 balls in an innings.
  • Like in the Indian Premier League, in this competition, every fielding side gets two time-out breaks for a maximum of two and a half minutes.
  • The coach of the team can come out to the ground during the time-outs to discuss the strategies and tactics with the players.
  • Unlike the T20 match, there is no 6-over power-play. However, in a 100-ball game, the power play is there for 25 balls with the field restrictions.
  • Within the 25-ball power play, only two fielders can field outside the inner circle or 30-year circle.
  • The maximum match duration is two and a half hours. Both innings should be completed within this time period.
  • Like in the IPL, the fielding captain will decide when to take the strategic timeout..
  • When the batsman is caught, the non-striker will stay in the bowler’s or non-striker’s end.
  • One interesting rule is for the no-ball. In the 100-ball game, a no-ball will give two runs plus a free hit to the batsman.
  • All eight franchises in the competition must pick a test-playing player from England for their team.
  • If the over-rate of the bowling side is slow as per the standards, then, as a penalty, they will have to keep one more fielder inside the 30-yard circle in the last over of the match.

The Hundred: 2022 Edition

The upcoming edition will start on Wednesday. In the first match, the Welsh Fire will lock horns with the defending champions, the Southern Brave. The match will kick off at 11:30 IST at The Rose Bowl, Southampton. The final match of the tournament will take place on September 3 at the most iconic ground, Lord’s. This tournament will see eight teams compete in 36 games this season. Looking for more legal betting apps in India? Check out live cricket odds and bet on live cricket games with our amazing betting bonuses!

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