A lot is happening in Australia’s cricket fraternity at the moment. The Australian Test team witnessed a massive change recently as their skipper Tim Paine decided to take an indefinite break from the gentlemen’s game. After Tim Paine, seamer Pat Cummins has been appointed as the new Test captain. 

Pain’s resignation has also paved the way for Steve Smith to be back in the leadership group. After the infamous sandpaper scandal in Cape Town in 2018, this will be the first time that Smith will be a part of the leadership group. Here’s today ipl match prediction who will win

The appointment of Smith as Australia’s vice-captain has fetched mixed responses from the cricket fraternity. While many welcomed the change, there are some veterans who aren’t happy with Cricket Australia’s decision. 

Recently, former Australian cricketer Mark Taylor opened up on the issue saying that the post will provide Smith an opportunity to ease the Cape Town wounds. Taylor believes that Smith can do a lot of good for the team, however, it won’t be possible for him to win everyone back. 

“He’d be foolish to think he’ll ever win everyone back again. I don’t think he’d be too disappointed, he may well have wanted to become captain again, but I don’t see Steve Smith at home bashing the desk. He’s got an opportunity now to be involved in the game as a leader, albeit not as openly. 

“I think if he does a lot of good things, which I’m sure he will do for Australian cricket, it will even help heal the wounds from Cape Town nearly four years ago,” said Mark Taylor as quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald.

I think Steve Smith’s crime was greater: Ian Chappell

Steve Smith

Meanwhile, Ian Chappell isn’t happy with Steve Smith’s appointment as Pat Cummin’d deputy. The veteran believes that Smith’s crime was much bigger as being a captain one cannot be involved in cheating. 

Further, Chappell also questioned the injustice served to David Warner. After the sandpaper scandal, Warned was sacked from his vice-captain post. Also, the opening batter was handed a lifetime leadership ban while Smith was handed a two-year leadership ban.

Calling out the difference between Warner and Smith’s punishment, Chappell reckoned that Warner is more worthy of the post between the two. He also added that he isn’t able to understand the reason behind Cricket Australia’s decision. 

“For starters, I have a problem – why is Steve Smith looked upon as a different punishment to David Warner? In fact, if anything, I think Steve Smith’s crime was greater. For a captain to say, ‘I don’t want to know’ when cheating is involved, is not correct. A captain has got to know, he’s got to find out and he’s got to do something about it,” Chappell said on 2GB’s Wide World of Sports program.

“Either Steve Smith has a two-year ban from captaincy and so does David Warner, or Steve Smith has a life ban and so does Dave Warner. Same thing. Cheating is cheating, whether it’s big cheating or little cheating, it’s still cheating in my book,” Chappell added. 

Meanwhile, Steve Smith recently addressed the mixed reaction he has received from the cricket fraternity. Smith revealed that he is truly honored to stand next to Pat Cummins as a formal leader. Speaking about the negativity, the batter exclaimed that he is a better person now and has grown a great deal over the last three to four years. 

“I’ve been in a position the last few years playing as a leader and now the opportunity obviously to be standing here next to Patrick as a formal leader, a titled leader, I’m truly honored. There will be some negativity from some people around it. Get free cricket betting tips and tricks from us.

“I understand that and I get that, but for me, I know that I’ve grown a great deal over the last three or four years. I’m a more rounded individual, and in turn, it’s turned me into a better leader and I’m excited to be in this position next to Patrick,” Steve Smith added.

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