SevenJackpots is an online casino comparison platform that allows you to compare the pros and cons of the best Indian casinos online. But it’s more than just a comparison platform – it also provides insightful information about everything related to online gambling. From where to find and how to play the latest games, to comprehensive market research and analytics. 

Using primary data and publicly available industry statistics and datasets as secondary sources, it has created insightful and academic research papers and case studies on a variety of topics related to gambling in India. They have published more than a dozen papers such as “Online Casino Trends in Modern India”, “Understanding Indian Lotteries”, and “Which Mobile Devices are the Most Popular for Gambling in India” providing players, operators and industry professionals with valuable information that helps them orientate themselves in the vast and multifarious world of gambling in India.

SevenJackpots Podcast Episode 2: Casino Reviews

During one of their recent podcasts on casino reviews, Felicia, the Editor in Chief, spoke about the importance of data collection and analysis. According to her, SevenJackpots prides itself on collecting information and data from reliable sources to provide their expert opinion on what casinos are best to play at. Felicia believes that this is the reason why SevenJackpots’ casino reviews are so highly regarded amongst the Indian player community.

Mattias Bergehed, the co-founder of ENV Media, backed Felicia’s claim by adding insightful data, saying that users spend over two minutes on their review pages, which indicates the importance and trust that players have in their reviews.

Selecting a Licensed Off-Shore Online Casino

All online casinos listed on the SevenJackpots platform have valid and reputable gaming licenses issued by the government of Curaçao, or the Malta Gaming Authority. As highlighted in the podcast, SevenJackpots has a rigid testing and review process that goes beyond verifying the license. 

In order to make sure all compared online casinos are not only legit and safe, but also fun to play at, members of the SevenJackpots team test and review each casino thoroughly. They look at everything from game variety and bonuses to mobile compatibility and customer support. The review process is comprehensive and unbiased, providing players with the information they need to make an informed decision when selecting an online casino.

As previously mentioned, SevenJackpots has created academic research papers that targets several gambling areas in India. In one of the latest, “Top Game Shows and Live Casino Classics Captivate India” highlights via primary data which games are the most popular in online gambling platforms – roulette games appeared as the most popular of the classic casino game categories and was outperformed only by game shows.

According to the analysed data, the more than 50 roulette offerings on the site combined were responsible for 22.91% of the whole operator turnover for the analysed period, beaten by game shows with a share of 34.48% of the attracted user spending. All other classic casino titles like blackjack (16.11% of registered turnovers), baccarat (7.45%), and slots (4.59%) ranked below roulette games, which even improved their performance in the last three months of the analysed period (August to October) to 26.79%. 

This data provides valuable insight into the preferences of online casino players in India and can help players make informed decisions about which games to play.

Conclusion: The Importance of Reviewing Online Casino Sites

SevenJackpots is a valuable resource for anyone looking to compare online casinos in India. It not only provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews of licensed offshore online casinos, but also offers unique and valuable insights into the world of online gambling in India. Its dedicated news section and academic research papers provide players, operators, and industry professionals alike with a wealth of information to help them make informed decisions about the best online casinos to play at, as well as the latest developments and trends in the industry. 

The data on the most popular casino games, particularly the popularity of roulette, is also particularly insightful. By using SevenJackpots as a comparison platform, Indian players can ensure they have the information they need to select the best online casino for their preferences and needs.

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