In a recent interview on the Betway South Africa podcast, retired South African cricketer Dean Elgar shared an intriguing anecdote about his first encounter with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Elgar alleged that during his initial tour of India, Kohli spat at him on the field. Recounting the incident on the Banter with the Boys podcast, Elgar revealed that during his first encounter with Kohli, he even threatened to use his bat against the Indian captain.

Elgar recalled, “I came into bat, and I was holding my own against Ashwin and Jeja, Jeja, Jeja (Ravindra Jadeja), and Kohli spat at me. I said to him, ‘If you do that, I’ll **** you with this bat.'” When asked if Kohli understood the local slang, Elgar explained that Kohli, being teammates with AB de Villiers at Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League, was familiar with it.

Spitgate: Dean Elgar’s Candid Revelation of a Controversial Encounter with Virat Kohli

Elgar further added, “Yes, he did because de Villiers was his teammate at RCB, so he understood. And I said, ‘If you do that, I’ll **** on this field, I’ll absolutely knock you out.’ And then [he said], ‘Hey **** you, **** you’ (mimicking Kohli), barking up the wrong tree. Anyways, we are in India, so you’ve got to be a little bit cautious.”

Surprisingly, it was AB de Villiers who confronted Kohli during the Test match after learning about the incident. Elgar revealed that de Villiers spoke to Kohli, reasoning with him. Two years later, during India’s tour of South Africa, Kohli reached out to Elgar and apologized for his actions.

Dean Elgar shared the turn of events, stating, “De Villiers found out what he did and went up to him and asked, ‘Why are you spitting at my teammate?’ Two years later in South Africa, he called me and asked if he could go with me for a drink after the series. He said he wanted to apologize for his actions.”

Interestingly, at Elgar’s farewell Test match in Cape Town, Kohli was seen embracing him and spending time with the retiring cricketer, marking a different chapter in their relationship.

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