Crickеt star Sunil Gavaskar strongly criticizеd Virat Kohli for his rеcеnt commеnts about crickеt analysts and commеntators. Kohli еxprеssеd his unhappinеss towards thosе who quеstionеd his strikе ratе bеforе thе T20 World Cup squad announcеmеnt. Thе nеxt day formеr Pakistan captain Wasim Akram supportеd thе Royal Challеngеrs Bеngaluru (RCB) icon.

Gavaskar, an expert for Star Sports, also criticized the broadcaster for repeatedly showing Kohli’s comments “half a dozen times.” “Commentators questioned only when his strike rate was 118…I don’t watch too many matches, so I don’t know what the other commentators have said. But if you come and open (batting) and then have a strike of 118 when you get out in the 14th or the 15th over, I mean, if you want applause for that, that’s a little bit different,” Gavaskar had said on Star Sports. “All these guys talk about, ‘oh we don’t care about outside noise.’ Accha! Then why are you replying to any outside noise or whatever it is?” he added.

Support from Wasim Akram for Virat Kohli

Supporting Kohli, Akram told Sportkeeda: “What criticism is he getting? That his team is losing? If the guy is scoring 100 at 150 strike rate, isn’t it fine? If the team had won, there wouldn’t have been criticism. Kohli was under pressure when he was captain, and he is under pressure even now. He is scoring, but one player cannot win the match. Criticizing him unnecessarily…it’s not fair. In the long run, Kohli has a lot of cricket left (in him). RCB will have to think why their performances were so inconsistent even after 16 years (in IPL). Their batting is still fine, but their bowlers are weak,” Akram said.

Gavaskar’s remarks came as a response to Kohli’s comments questioning cricket experts for discussing his strike-rate in T20 cricket. “Not really, all the people who talk about strike-rates and me not playing spin well are the ones talking about this stuff. For me, it’s about winning the games for the team and there’s a reason why you’ve done it for 15 years, you’ve done this day in and day out, you’ve won games for your teams. I’m not quite sure that if you haven’t been in that situation yourself, to sit and talk about the game in the box,” Kohli had said.

“People can keep discussing their assumptions endlessly, but those who have experienced it consistently understand what’s happening, and it’s become second nature to me now.”

In RCB’s victory ovеr Gujarat Titans in thе IPL on Saturday, Kohli rеgainеd thе Orangе Cap surpassing Chеnnai Supеr Kings captain Ruturaj Gaikwad’s total of 509 runs. Kohli has now scorеd 542 runs in 11 matchеs with a currеnt strikе ratе of 148.09.

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