In a moment that has taken the cricketing community by delightful surprise, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) jersey unveiling became the stage for an unexpected viral sensation. Former RCB captain and cricketing maestro, Virat Kohli couldn’t contain his laughter when his successor, Faf du Plessis, encountered a hilarious mishap during the event. As the team gathered to celebrate their commitment to sustainability through their green jersey, a party cracker popped a little too close for Du Plessis, catching him off-guard.

Unexpected reaction

The incident, which unfolded amidst the pomp of the green jersey launch, saw Du Plessis startled by the sudden eruption of the cracker. His reaction, a mixture of surprise and momentary composure loss, not only had his teammates in giggles but had Kohli in sheer merriment. Kohli’s uproarious laughter, genuine and infectious, resonated through the room, making it an internet sensation overnight. Fans across social platforms have been sharing and replaying the moment, with many finding a reason to smile in Kohli’s heartfelt chuckle.

As the video made its rounds online, it became apparent that these lighter moments are a cherished part of the sport, allowing fans to connect with the stars on a personal level. The camaraderie displayed by the RCB team has been heartwarming to witness, and with the IPL season fast approaching, such team bonding could prove valuable in the intense matches to come.

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